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  1. tacobell

    WTB Namco System 246B Metal Cover/Case

    Need replacement since this didn’t come with one
  2. tacobell

    FOUND WTB Namco System 246 Soul Calibur II Memory Card

    for CONQUEST MODE @mathewbeall
  3. tacobell

    WTB Bucky O’Hare

    4 player preferably
  4. tacobell

    WTB Ringwide Melty Blood AACC

    preferably complete, but if just the game and machine, that’s fine too
  5. tacobell

    CPS2 Digital AV Interface install on a CPS1 DASH 89626A-4 Board

    In preparation for the CPS1 Multi and since @mathewbeall personally asked me for these, I’ll provide pics of my setup.
  6. tacobell

    Kaneko Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire: Jackie Chan Densetsu

    updated version of The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan
  7. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    Yesterday, I tried running NG (111) for the first time, JAPAN region. After entering 1 Credit, pressed start but got both players activated. The game started but there were minor glitches, specifically the combo text area and lines in the background. I power reset and chose JAPAN again with the...
  8. tacobell

    Darksoft CPS3 Region Selection Error

    View: Apologies if this has been solved; I couldn’t find it on this thread. On a HAS supergun, using Undamned’s DB15 to USB, it’s fine, but plugged into jamma, in my Blast City, it skips numbers. Is this normal?
  9. tacobell

    Sega Blast City Player 1 Start Input issue using JammASD with MiSTer

    View: 1 Player Start button only activates when released, not when pushed down. When you hold down 1 Player Start button and push 1 player Button 1 or Button 2, it activates Coins for Player 1 or Player 2. I reassigned the 1 Player Start button to another button...
  10. tacobell

    Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse

    No sets, posters or other accessories. Just the NAOMI cartridge please. Thanks!
  11. tacobell

    WTB: Blast City Control Panel hinge

    Anyone have a spare hinge or know of a good substitute for one? The one I purchased from @kcarcadegame had a hinge that is barely holding on.
  12. tacobell

    [WTB] Bucky O Hare

    Please and thank you
  13. tacobell

    Attack and Jump ALWAYS ON for Spider-Man

    Purchased some cn2 cn3 and cn4 cables. Plugged them directly to their corresponding switches on the control harness. However, both ATTACK and JUMP are now stuck to ALWAYS ON. also, not sure where the ground on CN4 plugs into. thanks in advance
  14. tacobell

    Mystic Warriors MASK ROM 1H BAD

    I loaded up Mystic Warriors after almost 2 weeks of not using it to find some graphics issues. I’m not sure how to fix this one as this is above my skillset too. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  15. tacobell

    Metamorphic Force Sound Issue

    I powered this on and the sound was super low but peaking at the highs. Kind if glitchy and scratchy sounding, with some echoing. This is the first time I’ve come across this issue, but was hoping someone can help me out with this. I purchased this off eBay and just received it today. If this is...
  16. tacobell

    [WTB] Espgaluda

    JAMMA PCB preferred
  17. tacobell

    Positive Feedback for Vinsanity

    @Vinsanity is a nice dude. Helped me with getting a Mystic Warriors board. Super friendly too
  18. tacobell

    WTB: Age of Heroes - Silk Road 2

    @ekorz sold me on the ddr special attack
  19. tacobell

    WTB: TMNT Turtles in Time and other 4 Player Titles

    Been on a 4P kick recently and am interested in purchasing 4 player titles. I currently have Sunset Riders, TMNT1 and Spider-Man the Video Game. Thanks in advance
  20. tacobell

    Convert Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting Japan 921209 to Champion Edition World 920513

    I've seen some conversions to replace roms 21-23 on the B board to upgrade/downgrade Street Fighter II, but that is assuming they are the same region. I was wondering if anyone knew which roms you would have to change out to change both version and region of Street Fighter II? The board I have...