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  1. plasia

    (DONE) WTB: 2x HAS compatible CPS2 kick harness

    As the title says, need 2 of these please!
  2. plasia

    Replace a Rear Projection CRT Screen

    Finally got around to setting up my Rear Projection CRT monster. Only to realise that there's a big slash in the screen. You can see it in this picture between the T and the S, it is far far worse when viewing straight on. It seems to me like it should be replaceable, but I have no idea where...
  3. plasia

    WTB: Taito G-Net

    Hey, after a Taito G-Net with the CF mod. I think $185USD is reasonable, it's ~$165USD for an unmodded one at Would need to be sent to Mildura Victoria, Australia for less than a $million.
  4. plasia

    WTB: Sega STV Multibios

    hey everyone, looking to buy a Sega STV Multibios. Someone from Australia would be best due to postage etc...
  5. plasia

    System 2x6 Replacement Fan

    Something like this? Did some testing on my Systems and the fans on some of them need a flick to start up and are very noisy. Time to replace! Doesn't seem to be a thread about this so once we have a solution google will guide those who seek :)
  6. plasia

    Modding 2x6 Games

    The PS2 port of GSDAvZ2 had a few extra mobile suits and I was curious so I looked at how different GSDAvZ2 was to the PS2 port by checking out the file system in the iso. They were very similar in file structure, but I couldn't figure out much else. Anyone got experience with modding PS2...
  7. plasia

    Changing Battery System 2x6

    There's a lot of time unlock stuff on this system. I am 99% sure that it's in the battery backed memory. Annoyingly when you change the game this memory gets changed too :( Since it's probably been many years since anyone changed the batteries on these systems and considering I'm going to have...
  8. plasia

    Incoming influx of System 357/359/369

    Gundam Extreme VS 2 is coming to arcades. I assume that it will be PS4 based, meaning that a lot of Gundam Extreme setups (Sys3xx) will become available (and hopefully more affordable). Given this, let's start gathering some info. My initial googling around has indicated that Namco have been...
  9. plasia

    Passwords (Unlocks) for Games

    hey, let's try and pool some information together. I did half a class worth of searching (yay for practice exams) and I can't find passwords for Gundam Seed Destiny. ------------------------------ I'll start with some stuff I found from:
  10. plasia

    Mega Dumb Question

    CPS2 is new to me, I've seen somewhere that grey needs different connectors because they are female instead of male or something. I have a phoenixed Mars Matrix Grey B Board and a black A board. Do I need to order anything else or just order the kit and install?
  11. plasia

    WTB: System 2x6 Power Cables

    Looking for those 2x6 power cables that go between the Jamma interface like in the picture attached. I need 3 of them. Basically I stupidly bought 3x of the Jamma interfaces... without cables. I only need the power cables now because the rest is sorted.
  12. plasia

    Hooking up a HAPP Power Supply

    Quick question. Don't want to move forward until I'm sure. Should I connect neutral to FG or earth to FG? Last supply I hooked up was clearly labelled... what's with the two 115v?
  13. plasia

    WTB: NTSC Playstation with Parallel Port

    As the title says, I would like to buy a NTSC Playstation 1 (original big one) with the parallel port!
  14. plasia

    Gundam 4p

    Finding information on 246/256 is hard! Especially as I am very pressed for time atm. Does the NIC come with the 246/256 as standard or is it some sort of accessory? I've always had a dream of playing GSD RvZ2 4p, because the PS2 port only lets you have 2 players. I've seen an opportunity to...
  15. plasia

    Neo Geo PCB Stereo Connector

    I have a Neo Geo MVS MV-1F I'm looking for someone to make me a little stereo dongle for my Neo Geo (getting ready for the multicart!) I don't have an electronics store where I live to buy the parts! :( I'd like it to go out into a white/red rca female.
  16. plasia

    FS: Project Justice Rival Schools 2 Naomi Cart

    I'm not really sure what to sell this for, $100USD? Someone tell me if I'm way off. Would like to shoot this off quickly, moving in a week! It's in good condition and plays fine.
  17. plasia

    WTB: Taito Type X2

    hey guys, really would like to get a decent deal on a Taito Type x2. I live in Mildura Victoria Australia for estimating postage.
  18. plasia

    Moving a CRT TV

    I am doing a gigantic 6hr move and I have a gigantic 80cm Sony CRT TV that I use for all of my retro stuff like consoles, cps3 etc... How do I move this thing? It won't fit in my car (I had a bigger one when I got it) and if I put it in the moving truck it'll shake out of alignment. Have you...
  19. plasia

    CRT Geometry Tricks

    hey guys, I have a minor issue with my Sony 21" PC CRT monitor. Everything is fine except that I can't get a 480p image to fill to the edge, there's massive black bars on the side even if I set h/v size to 100 (my Wii and my Dreamcast is what I use on it currently). I did a quick test with my...
  20. plasia

    Anyone know about these Superguns?

    Talking about this retroelectronik one. Anyone have any experience with these?