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    Part Number for Naomi USB Ports on Filterboard

    I seem to recall someone here having replaced the 2x USB/JVS ports on the Naomi filterboard. Anyone know off hand a part number for a suitable replacement? If I cannot find one, I may just cut the plastic cover over the second port and use that... My Naomi has always had a jacked up USB/JVS...
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    Positive Feedback for MiaoMiao

    Just wanted to leave some positive feedback here for @Miaomiao, I purchased a game from him recently and he had excellent communication throughout the whole process, sent me detailed pics and video of the game and took extra care to pack the item well for shipping. Thanks for the smooth transaction!
  5. kuze

    kuze's Sale Thread [Lots of Stuff Added 11/29!]

    Hey everyone, I've got some stuff for sale. Everything is original and working unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include shipping, but I'm open to offers on anything (especially if you buy multiple items). Additional pics can be provided on request. Please do not hesitate to reach out...
  6. kuze

    Neo Turf Masters CD - Scotland Unlock Patch

    Hey everyone, Ever find the Scotland unlock code on Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo CD version) annoying to trigger, or are you forgetful like I am and can never remember the (easy) code? Well, I took some time to make a patch so Scotland is unlocked by default! No longer do you have to beat all...
  7. kuze

    ALL GONE: MVS Mega Sale [Garou MOTW, Last Blade 1&2, Metal Slug 5, Strikers 1945 Plus, etc]

    Hey everyone, I'm trimming down my MVS collection and letting some games go. All games are original, pictures included below but if you want any extra pics of anything just give me a shout. Prices are without shipping, looking to keep sales within the US for now. Willing to consider offers...
  8. kuze

    SOLD: Gunbird 2 PCB

    Hey everyone, I've got a Gunbird 2 PCB up for grabs. It had all electrolytic caps replaced by me October 2019. Asking $250 +ship for this board. Edit: SOLD Pictures here: Full disclosure: There is a noticeable audio hum that is common with Gunbird 2. For this...
  9. kuze

    GONE: Truxton (US) PCB

    Hey everyone, I'm letting go of my Truxton US PCB with original metal cage. Works great! Pictures here: Asking $325 shipped within the US, but also open to trades. Edit: This is now taken 8) Tradewise I'm mostly after other shmups or brawlers. Particularly...
  10. kuze

    TMNT: Turtles in Time Free Play Hack

    Hey folks, I threw together a free play hack for Turtles in Time which I thought others may find useful. Why create this when a 'free play' mode already exists? Well, the built in free play mode puts you directly to the red 'press start' screen and could cause burn-in. Also, everyone loves a...
  11. kuze

    Gunbird 2 Owners - Can Someone Check Capacitor "C1" for me?

    Anyone on this board have a Gunbird 2 PCB? If so can you snap a picture of capacitor 1 (C1) next to the rom marked "SOUND" for me, or provide the value? I noticed mine appears to have been snapped off before I received the board.
  12. kuze

    Blast City (Nanao MS2930, MS2931, MS2933) Dag Cable Connector

    Hey, anyone know what kind of connector is needed for a Blast City dag cable from the neck board to tube? The one in my Windy 2 is too thin to fit the pin on the MS2933 neck card... :cursing:
  13. kuze

    IGS PGM English Patch Index

    This thread will serve as an index for any links to IGS PGM game patches that allow for English text on original game cartridges. No ROM files will be provided, only xdelta patches that can be applied to your own game ROM using tools like 'xdelta UI'. DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm Knights of...
  14. kuze

    WTB: Working Nanao MS2930/2931/2933 Chassis

    Anyone have a working spare Nanao MS2930, MS2931, or MS2933 chassis they wouldn't mind letting go of? LMK, thanks!
  15. kuze

    Xbox360 To JAMMA Adapter

    Just thought I'd show some pics/info on my approach to creating an Xbox 360 to JAMMA adapter. Main components used: 1x Ultracade UVC Video Converter Board 1x PB.JAMMA Project Adapter Board - 2x Brook Universal Fighting Boards -...
  16. kuze

    Approximate Dimensions for Brook Universal Fighting Board

    Anyone have the approximate dimensions for the Brook Universal Fighting Board? Looking at project boxes for making an Xbox 360 to JAMMA adapter, but don't have the UFB in hand yet.
  17. kuze

    Recommended Surge Protector for Arcade Cabinets (Maybe with stepdown?)

    Anyone have a nice recommendation for a quality surge protector for use with arcade cabs? For bonus points built in step down from 120v to 100v AC would be nice but not required. UPS battery backup probably overkill.
  18. kuze

    For Sale: MVS Carts and kits, Capcom CPS2 Games

    EDIT: SALE CLOSED, THANKS EVERYONE! Hey guys, Thanks for the input! I have the following games for sale: Neo Geo MVS: Art of Fighting 3 - $85 -> $70 SOLD (for $70) Fatal Fury [replacement shell, damaged label] - $25 -> $20 SOLD (for $20) Fatal Fury Special - $40 -> $30 SOLD (for $30)...
  19. kuze

    Encrypted CPS2 ROM Hacks (and How to!) - Dimahoo All Chars, Progear Second Loop, etc.

    So I was browsing around the other day and found that the author of Fightcade had posted some information on how to re-encrypt CPS2 ROMs, which is quite useful for ROM hacks. He has a Youtube video from a conference here, as well as a PDF posted as...
  20. kuze

    Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u High Voltage Issue?

    I picked up a cheap 2040u CRT monitor the other day and it "works" but has an issue where periodically it will make a "snap" sound and the picture will zoom in and back out then return to normal. Sometimes this affects brightness temporarily as well. It seems like a possible issue somewhere...