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  1. Aaronr33

    Ringedge no video

    Heres a fix i found. Ringedge 1 would fire up, no video, shutdown, startup again, continue to run with no video. Changed all removable parts one by one for known good working parts and turned out the cpu was bad. One more rinegdge saved.
  2. Aaronr33

    Ringedge 1 problems

    Have one ringedge that froze when in attract mode, looks like memory was damaged. Put new memory in and now get this nonsense, game boots but skips honeycomb splash screen quick and then goes straight to test mode? See boot video View:
  3. Aaronr33

    29e31s went downhill

    I have a 29e31s that i installed a cap kit in. When i powered back up i blew r456. Replaced r456 and the HOT, powered up and blew both again. Had a bright dot in middle of screen. Now, there is no DC voltage on secondary of T803 (measured at diodes) When chassis is powered, you can hear a...
  4. Aaronr33

    WTB Sega i/o board

    Looking for a 838-0005UK i/o board
  5. Aaronr33

    Revolution X

    I can get a revolution x cabinet for a good price. Dont care for the game, what other game has anyone put into the cabinet (T2? , HOTD2 w/ xy input ?) Want to see what has been done before taking on project
  6. Aaronr33

    Raiden fighters jet marquee

    Looking for a Raiden Fighters jet marquee. Thanks
  7. Aaronr33


    In need of 27c4000 EPROMs but can’t buy new anymore would these be equivalent (32 pin 8x512k) But not uv erasable, one time use only
  8. Aaronr33

    Ringedge 2 no Post

    My ringedge 2 stopped putting out video. Further investigation and it actually is not posting upon power up, no beeps. the CMOS battery is above 3VDC When AC power is turned on power supply boots and all fans etc, then everything shuts off and green led on motherboard stays lit What else...
  9. Aaronr33

    Ega to svideo

    Anyone use this board or any of the cheaper ones? looking for options as my Neotec monitor died and 27” consumer tv’s are free
  10. Aaronr33

    Card readers

    Is the card reader for RFID initial D games this part number Sanwa 7D05138 need to verify before dropping $600
  11. Aaronr33

    Seibu SPI

    Would I be able to upgrade a raider fighters cartridge rom files to raiden fighters jet? not too familiar with SPI systems. I know the main boards “update” with new game booting, but have not heard of swapping rom files on the actual cartridges.
  12. Aaronr33

    Neotec 27" EGA

    How would i test the yoke, horizontal circuit on my neotec monitor. It keeps blowing HOT, b+ circuit is fine (tested with 100W light bulb). Also flyback is newish, so im left with possible bad yoke?
  13. Aaronr33

    WTB RT Drift Usb dongle

    Looking for the Raw Thrills DRIFT conversion dongle. Will be named TK Goes with 1.26K software. Let me know if you have for sale. Tx
  14. Aaronr33

    Initial D (4-8) Card Reader

    Looking for two rfid card readers for initial D 4-6 Part number: CCR-2PR-10H-SG
  15. Aaronr33

    Ffb board thermal protection

    Has anyones ffb board stop working due to thermal protection? Are there any schematic s for the rs422 ffb board? I thought my ffb board was toast but seems to be going into thermal shutdown.
  16. Aaronr33

    Wtb. Initial D6 recovery disk and key chips (2)

    As title says for initial d6 recovery dvd and security chips.