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  1. Crimson Kino

    Namco 369 Supergun setup question

    Hey everybody, I have a Namco 369 with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that I have lying around that I forgot I had and it still boots up. What would I need to get this set up for a supergun? I currently have the minigun supergun and I'm not sure what else I would need
  2. Crimson Kino

    Free Namco Noir Control Panel

    Getting rid of some stuff I would hate to see this trashed. Bought it a while ago and never got around to using it. Rather do local pickup for this because I wouldn't know how to ship this out and I would imagine it would cost too much. Location would be Sacramento, California.
  3. Crimson Kino

    Positive Feedback for Dk310

    Bought a couple posters from @Dk310 Gave me a good price on all of them. Buy with confidence!
  4. Crimson Kino

    WTB: CPS3 for 3rd Strike

    Hey all, I'm looking to get a CPS3 with 3rd Strike. I mainly want to play 3rd Strike but I would like to get the Darksoft SuperBIOS later down the line. I'm trying to look for one on ebay or Yahoo auctions so what's the price range for getting a CPS3? If anyone has one they want to let go of...
  5. Crimson Kino

    WTB: Undamned DB15 USB Decoder

    Hey everybody. I am almost done with my supergun setup with the help of some aazing people, but now I am missing something to play it with. I am looking for 2 of the Undamned decoders...
  6. Crimson Kino

    Finally making an introduction.

    Hey everybody! I made an account on here a while ago but kept forgetting to make an introduction post. I recently bought a Namco Noir and working on getting a Supergun for a friend of mine. I've been lurking on the minigun page and my friend decided to try his hand on it. We have a PCB of...