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  1. clam_wattson

    Blast City / MS-2931 Interference on VGA Input

    I recently "finished" a Blast City restore (including a complete recap of the chassis) and finally got around to testing out the 31kHz support on this cabinet. I removed the NeoGeo board from my JAMMA harness and connected a beefy VGA cable with ferrite chokes. I've searched around the web and...
  2. clam_wattson

    Positive Feedback for Supergun

    @Supergun responded to my WTB Post for an NBA Jam soundboard via DM. We arranged a sale quickly and it was sent out the next business day. Packaging was good and the board arrived safely! No idea if it works, but it was sold untested and matches the described condition. Supergun was pleasant...
  3. clam_wattson

    FOUND: Blast City Marquee Light Back Panel (mods plz move)

    update: i was able to purchase this part from Yaton direct through facebook. it came with a terrible spray paint coating, which I'll be addressing _sometime_ in the future. for now this can be closed edit: just noticed that i put this in the FS category, sorry about that. mods please move at...
  4. clam_wattson

    FOUND: NBA JAM Sound Board

    Just curious if anyone has one of these spare, in the USA, and might be willing to part with it. I'm new to the hobby and I'm trying to build up a modest/small collection of original boards without going absolutely overboard buying new working sets on eBay. I've got my eyes on some non-working...