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  1. imfuraisoth

    Sony Trinitron composite video / s-video select issue

    The back of my trinitron has a composite and an s-video input. At one point, the composite input seemed to stop working all of the sudden but the s-video was still working. Today, I went and tried the s-video input and I got no picture but then tried the composite video and the composite was...
  2. imfuraisoth

    Vertical position Adjustment not working

    My vertical position image on my nanao chassis is not able to be adjusted. I can't move the image up or down. It's not the controller either because I tried another one that I know works and that one doesn't work either. It looks like it wants to move and shifts slightly but never really moves...
  3. imfuraisoth

    Monitor Image Stretched

    I have 1 CRT monitor in my Astro city that starts out stretched a bit wide when I first turn it on, after a few minutes, it goes back to the correct aspect ratio. I don't know why it's doing this. I'm afraid to poke around and making it worse. I've tweaked with the H and V syncs and they didn't...
  4. imfuraisoth

    Monitor is flickering

    My monitor started flickering all of the sudden. It's has some horizontal lines flicking in and out of the image. It happens now and then and is not constant. What could be the issue? I'll try to see if I can get a video of it.
  5. imfuraisoth

    Sega Astro City Head to Head Setup

    I finally finished setting up my 2 Astro City cabs for head to head. I made a video showcasing some of the process. Enjoy! View:
  6. imfuraisoth

    CPS2-A board video sprite issues and audio only in mono

    Hi all of the sudden, my A board is failing to render the sprites correctly and the characters are all transparent now. It was working fine before. The audio out is also only coming through right channel through RCA ports. Any ideas? I tried the resetting of the audio by turning volume all the...
  7. imfuraisoth

    Recapped Astro city psu. Then monitor died

    Help, I recapped my Astro city psu and plugged it back in again. The machine turned on okay for 5 minutes and then the monitor shut off. It’s not coming back on again. My psu is 400-5261Y. I tested the machine with a second psu I know that works fine and the monitor is not coming on so I...
  8. imfuraisoth

    Astro City Stablizer

    Hi, I just got an Astro City machine and one of the stablizers in the bottom is missing. I just need a screw and a washer or some sort to screw into there to make a new one but I need to know the size that I need to buy. Does anyone know how I can find out what size I need? Or maybe you have a...
  9. imfuraisoth

    CPS-2 A board no audio

    My audio from the red and yellow stereo jack stopped sending out signals all of the sudden. Everything else seems to work. The game is working fine but I get no audio out of the audio jacks. Anyone know why that could be and how I can go about fixing it?
  10. imfuraisoth

    My horizontal lines are blurry

    Hi I need to configure my monitor and it just seems blurry. The verticals lines seem sharp but the horizontal lines are all blurred. Any help on how to configure this? I tried playing with the convergence rings and I can’t seem to fix the blurriness.
  11. imfuraisoth

    Nanao MS-2930 doesn't power on

    I recently just recapped my Nanao 2930 in my Blast City. I believe I plugged all the cables back correctly but it doesn't seem to be powering on at all. Before I go back in and checking all the soldering of the capacitors, is there anything else I should be checking to see why it's not powering...
  12. imfuraisoth

    Sony Trinitron CRT repair composite output

    My composite output from the back of my CRT stopped functioning all of the sudden. The front ones still work. What would be the most likely reason for this? Is there an easy way for me to fix it?
  13. imfuraisoth

    Need extra ground pins for buttons

    Hi, my blast city seems to only have enough ground pins for 5 buttons for each player. I'm missing the last ground connection for my last button. What would be the easiest way to solve this? The CPS2 kick harness I bought didn't seem to come with the ground pins connected so I did not have...
  14. imfuraisoth

    WTB CPS2 A board (Blue/Green) working (No longer looking)

    I'm looking for a working A board.
  15. imfuraisoth

    Hi, Looking into getting a New Versus City and CPS-2 board

    Hi, I am interested in finding a New Versus City cabinet. Would it be easier to search forums and find people that are selling or order from over seas? I'm new to the whole arcade thing.