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  1. St4rgalaqtic

    CPS2, Lions F3, Sega Amp - That's what I'm selling

    CPS2 - D&D Tower of Doom -SOLD Taito Lions3 F3 Case - $125 Shipped US F&F or you cover the 4% paypal fee Full case top, bottom, and selector housing great condition I just have no need for it, as I keep my selectors in the control panel and this is for display I play my F3 too much. Its in a...
  2. St4rgalaqtic

    WTB: Vewlix F Panel 1P/2P

    Looking for an original Vewlix F panel, would like to try and get an original before I get e repo.
  3. St4rgalaqtic

    Mr. Driller G Memory Swap

    Have a panicuru Panekuru I got in a deal fully working. And I have a Mr. Driller G memory board pulled from a System 10 board that had cap issues. I am thinking I should be able to de-solder the Driller G Chips and place them on the board coming in. Has anyone ever done this?
  4. St4rgalaqtic

    WTB: Naomi Dimm

    Need a Naomi Dimm for a CF setup.
  5. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito Egret 3 2L12B Control Panel Scan - 1200 dpi

    Scans of the 2P Egret 3 panel, scanner can go up to 12800 dpi, but I thought that was overkill. If people tell me other wise I will rescan. Please also upload to Arcade Otaku wiki as I still cannot get access to it...
  6. St4rgalaqtic

    Please Delete

    Puzzle Bobble 2 Cart Only Has graphical issues when played please see the pictures I think it was modded or repaired at some point in its life. ($50) - shipped in the US MIDWAY Wolf Board as is, missing eproms and security chips I had this one around for parts for my UMK3 Board. ($30) - shipped...
  7. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito Egret 3 Rotation Help

    So I am finally ready to try and rotate my Egret 3 so I can play some shmups. But I cannot find any directions online, being the first time I am doing this I don't want to destroy my monitor. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you
  8. St4rgalaqtic

    What board to go after for Multi

    Hey guys just needed to know what board I should go after for a multikit. I recently picked up a D&D Tower of Doom from a auction. Expecting the b board to be suicided and A board to be working. So I could use it for a multi. Plug it into the cab and it fired right up, only issue is the fan on...
  9. St4rgalaqtic

    NAMCO system 10 repair help

    Scored a Mr. Driller G for a great price but the caps are corroded. Have been searching the internet for a schematic and no luck. Hoping someone here can help out.
  10. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito F3 Multi Video Issue

    Just got my multi and am having a weird issue. Not sure it its my motherboard or not. But test screens are fine, but as soon as a game loads up and you see the taito logo you see lines on the screen. And this happens on every game.
  11. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito Egret 3 Control Panel Rewire

    Have come to the conclusion that I have to rewire my control panel and maybe do some rewiring on my jamma harness. Just wondering if anyone knows the model of the molex connectors used on the control panel. The are the 12 pin ones with locking tab on the top. Any direction is greatly appreciated.
  12. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito Egret 3 1L6B Control Panel Scan

    Hey everyone just doing my part, I was asked to upload these to the Arcade Otaku Wiki. But I can't even log into it to do so. So I am trusting my fellow AP members. I know it will be used and get to the right people...
  13. St4rgalaqtic

    WTB: Namco System10 and Taito Spinner Controller

    Looking for the following: Namco System10 Board doesn't matter what game the cheaper the better, it will be used to resurrect a Mr. Driller G Taito Spinner
  14. St4rgalaqtic

    Positive Feedback for KC

    I know he sometimes gets flak for certain things. And the communication is not the greatest, but its not his native language so you can't really complain. I can't speak of everyone's experience, but mine was good. Yeah it was a little scary sending money to a random person who's text responds...
  15. St4rgalaqtic

    Taito Egret 3 Power Supply

    Hey guys just looking for suggestions here, I recently got a Egret 3 and was hoping to hold off on doing the power supply while I get some other things lined up. Then I go to connect my Naomi 2 board and the power supply just chokes up, it's a Wei Ya. And I have read enough post on here to know...
  16. St4rgalaqtic

    WTB: Taito F3 Board - Please Delete

    Please delete this thread.
  17. St4rgalaqtic

    New Old Guy

    New to posting, been lusting and lurking for a while. Sup.
  18. St4rgalaqtic

    WTB - Sega Naomi Power Supply

    Hey long time lurker here. Anyway I have a Naomi 2 board, and am slowly but surely getting together all the parts needed for the full system. Current part needed Power Supply. I see them on eBay but figured I may want to check with the experts first, see if they had any laying around and if not...