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  1. TheDeath

    FS: Pcb's i lost interest in repair.

    Hi, I put on sale stuff that i've lost interest in repair. Shipping price is not included. 5x Sunset Riders, 3 of them boots up but they are stuck in RAM ROM TEST. 2 of them are watch dogging. There's a "special" one that has 90% of the TTLS socketed. They mostly have tested rams and new eprom...
  2. TheDeath

    Marquee LCD on a Neo Geo 29 Type II - Any replace?

    I was wondering if any of you attempted to replace the 10" lcd on the Marquee? The controller board inside the cabinet looks like having a Composite IN, indicating the lcd itself was 15khz, but there's 2 of them and i have not understand if the other one could be a Composite OUT. There are also...
  3. TheDeath

    Athena Screen Flip

    Please guys, can some of you make this patch for us? I have found the information but i'm a total jerk in this stuff. Looks simple to do but i'm complitely uncapable. I have included the zip with the rom. Thank you very much
  4. TheDeath

    Anyone tryed some Chemical Stripper for remove solder?

    Do any of you guys tryed some of this stuff on a whole pcb? I've read that this consist in some Peroxide/Ammonium Acid mixed with some stuff like Urea or so. I'm not a chemical at all so i don't know what the real formula is all about, but i found it super usefull for those had piles of spares...
  5. TheDeath

    House OF The Dead 4 Stuck on screen with Multiboot

    I got a Crediar multiboot but the only game that did not work anymore is HOTD4, i keep getting stuck after exiting the second Test. It was working before but suddently it did not anymore. Is there any way i can clear settings or something like that in order to have a new fresh begin? Maybe...
  6. TheDeath

    Swapping Model3 Video Board Step 2.0 didn't do the job (?)

    Please can someone help me with this? I had a Spikeout board with visual issues and unfortunatly BGA stuff isn't really my thing, i did infact tryed to reflow the customs but i ended up just make it worst. I've left the board in the cab for a whole year and just recently, from the usual...
  7. TheDeath

    Legionnaire (TAD/Fabtek) Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I need some tips for this Legionnaire PCB, i don't know much about this hardware and i cannot understand why is not posting. What i've done so far is: Programming new 20c010 for the program (didn't check the old ones but they were changed already) Check 4x 62256rams and changed one...
  8. TheDeath

    Eeprom/Prom Locations for Taito F3 Rom board

    Do you guys have any information about this? I wanted to convert my taito PB4 into Dan-Ku-Ga but i realize that none of the informations i could find were talking about actual eeprom/prom locations, a part from cpu code (ic17-18-19-20 cpu and ic32-33 for sound code). The taito F3 cpp is not...
  9. TheDeath

    Can you "multi" a Blue Sega Lindbergh?

    I finally made it to work somehow (wasn't working due to bad rams), but i was wondering if the Blue version, since its Widows XP EMB and not Montavista Linux as operator, can it be multigamed? Can i do a "crediar multi" on it? It's the same process as Yellow and Red versions? (CF card and HDD...
  10. TheDeath

    Sega Lindbergh BLUE "Too Many Arguments" loop

    Please can someone help me with this? I have no idea why this lindbergh keeps doing so after selecting the multiboot in the menu. I'm able to see the main menu but after that it keeps looping into this message and i don't know why. Any idea?
  11. TheDeath

    MVS Schematics 1FZ/1A/1B

    Hey Guys, are there any good scans for Mvs mobo schematics? The only one found in the NeoGeo wiki has terrible quality and i'm having an hard time reading numbers on it. Are there any 1A and 1B schematics out there? I know you can cross reference with 1FZ but again, it's hard to read those...
  12. TheDeath

    Testing Adapter for sram 62256 in SOP28 (flat pins)

    I literally cannot find a proper adapter, it's driving me crazy. All my programmers can test srams but i can't find a socket adapter for 62256 srams in SOP28 package. All i was able to find was a sop28 adapter for "curved" pins/inner bent and nothing else for the flat version of them, used in...
  13. TheDeath

    WTB Model2c sub rom board and gun i/o

    as subject. Any game will do for the sub board. I'm from italy so please considering shipping here. Thanks
  14. TheDeath

    Sega Model 2C - Stuck on Garbage boot

    I have poorly experience on repairing these boards, a part from checking proms on the sub-board. I have a HouseOfTheDead Model2c, checked proms and changed 2 related to the game code, but the issue persist. Looks like is kinda watchdogging but it's doing it "internally" and i don't see the...
  15. TheDeath

    Turbo Force - Missing Or-10 Sub Board (Repro PCB)

    Please, can any of you guys share me pictures of this sub-pcb? I got a board that is missing it, since it's cpu code it can't boot without... I think it's easy to duplicate, but i need to know how by looking it better. Thank you
  16. TheDeath

    Taito Racing Beat to Double Axle Conversion

    Please can some of you can share me clear pictures of top and bottom pcb for Double Axle by Taito? Thank you very much guys. I want to see if can be converted from a Racing Beat.
  17. TheDeath

    Pac-Land / Rolling Thunder ERROR CODES

    Hey guys, where i can find a list for the error codes displayed on these boards? My Rolling Thuder is displaying 040 (upside down) and i cannot find much about the meanings. I've read that each error code is related to several individual stuff. Thanks for your help
  18. TheDeath

    Big Karnak - Missing Xtal X1

    Please can someone help me identify the value of the Xtal @X1? i've tryed to take a look to some pictures on google but they are too low on resolution, could not understand... thanks!
  19. TheDeath

    Martial Champion to Mystic Warriors - Conversion/Guide

    Have you done it? Time's up!
  20. TheDeath

    Burglar X (Unico, Korean) - Stuck at garbage screen

    A friend of mine gave me a pretty rare Burglar X to check, but i wasn't able to find any schematics, also my knowledge is very little when logic decoding is involved. The board is stuck at garbage screen. Main program roms pulled, dumped, compared and ok with mame. Halt and Reset of the CPU...