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  1. Sumez

    New Astro City PSU 5v range (and fix for low voltage)

    I just replaced a really wonky 5v adjustment pot on my New Astro City power supply (400-5261Y), and though the new one is rock solid, it seems there's still an issue with it. Even with the pot turned down to 0ohm, I only read around 5.45v at the edge with no game connected. This is enough, or...
  2. Sumez

    Konami (Sunset Riders) PCB resetting after (succesful) ROM check

    I have an issue with my Sunset Riders that has persisted since I got it. At the time I complained to the seller who assured me that the PCB was just super picky about the 5v supply. I didn't have a PSU with an adjustable 5v, so I just foolishly believed him (though it may have worked to him, so...