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  1. PlayYing

    WTB Broken CPS3 Motherboard

    I may got you fam. it's not like I'm going to afford ultrasimms anytime soon...
  2. PlayYing

    FS: CPS3 Multi, MK2, UMK3+, IGS PGM Carts

    What muli is that cps3, the one with Simms or simm less?
  3. PlayYing

    (FS) CPS1 Captain Commando CONVERSION $140 SOLD

    To continue the off topic train, I too am from the north Florida of the USA. Let's meet up I probably have stuff to trade.
  4. PlayYing

    FS: Taito Type X2 DBAC w/ dongle (JVS+Fast IO)

    Does this work as 2 DVI off the fast Io card?
  5. PlayYing

    FS: Arcana Heart, Terra Force (boot) PCBs

    Any interest in X-Men?
  6. PlayYing

    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    I'll take two sets as well please same , whatever I need to preserve my original joystick.
  7. PlayYing

    SOLD: Brooks Universal harnesses

    How short are they? I guess mainly for use with a fight stick? I may have a use if so, I'll take em.
  8. PlayYing

    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Congratulations to you and Mrs.Vengeance.
  9. PlayYing

    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    Obviously I'm in for one.
  10. PlayYing

    System 573 Games Patched to not need Security Cart

    Came through better than I expected externally, internally it's a rats nest. Of course going to start with replacing power supply and sourcing momentary pedals.
  11. PlayYing

    18" Mini Cute Tube/Chassis. Neo SC-19, New Net City panels and power supplies

    I'd like to be second in line if @nonosto passes on the nnc panel.
  12. PlayYing

    FS Blue & White Chewlix SOLD

    Congrats on the baby. I have the same setup, well worth the price, Glws!
  13. PlayYing

    kuze's Sale Thread [Lots of Stuff Added 11/29!]

    Oh man, Neiman athletics!
  14. PlayYing

    Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w

    You can always play with my monkey ball.
  15. PlayYing

    Game Saru cab imports - 3 month break (still selling, updated 1/13/2022)

    I quite like the videos of @Careth climbing over cabinets, it's like is my cabinet in there? will he fall? How does he get over that?
  16. PlayYing

    System 573 Games Patched to not need Security Cart

    Well just bought me a Steering Champ project . Will report back once I get it, wish me luck!
  17. PlayYing

    Intel Canyon Hades gaming PC w/Nesica Emulation SOLD

    I have this exact model! Love it and it is egpu compatible!
  18. PlayYing

    SOLD: 2x Brook UFB Universal Fighting Board

    I'll take them please