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  1. LittleLarrySellers

    Vote: What style M92 Multi would you buy?

    MT2 as a Leo here... I'm cool with whatever!
  2. LittleLarrySellers

    Darksoft CPS-1 Multi: Preview / Sneak Peek / Information - FINALLY!

    Woo hoo! Congrats on this awesome mutli finally getting near the finish line. My pcb and body are ready.
  3. LittleLarrySellers

    Aluminum project box advice

    Yo peeps, I want to do the CPS2 HDMI mod to one of my MV-1C boards (HDMI Xeno Crisis anyone :thumbsup: ). I was thinking of combining with OMVS or at least the controller/power pcb. Over the years I have seen plenty of cool looking aluminum boxes used for these types of projects. Is this...
  4. LittleLarrySellers

    WTB: IGS PGM System and Games

    +1 on @GC8TECH I got a souped up mobo from him and it works great and no issues shipping to overseas. I originally bought one from China and it was very flaky and didn't take the carts most of the time.
  5. LittleLarrySellers

    WTB: Smash TV, NARC, or The Grid PCB

    NARC is pretty rare at this point I would say. I spent few years finger banging the refresh button on multiple forums and FleaBay to find working set. Also, just know that you will need to build one hell of a JAMMA adapter if you plan to use in JAMMA machine or with a supergun. Checkout the...
  6. LittleLarrySellers

    Haunted Museum - and other fav unported arcade games - 1/16

    Nice vid @awbacon1 this looks pretty cool. Never heard of it and yeah I assume its $$$$ for OG board. I'll try this out on MAME.
  7. LittleLarrySellers

    MiSTer FPGA

    Oh yeah, thanks for reminding I forgot to mention the mt32-pi. That was major part of what got me interested again. I think I'm gonna build one to force me to try out the latest core
  8. LittleLarrySellers

    MiSTer FPGA

    Has anyone gotten into the ao486 core? I see it's had a lot of perf improvements lately and there are some really impressive game packs out there to go with it. Going to give it a go but seems a bit involved to setup the core so curious if anyone has comments on this vs. DosBox, real hardware.
  9. LittleLarrySellers

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    In for 3 when you have available. Thanks.
  10. LittleLarrySellers

    Captain America PCB: No Audio?

    +1 on an audio probe. I had audio issues on my Cap board as well and probing for audio led me to the problem. Ended up being a bad OKI chip.
  11. LittleLarrySellers

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    +1000 I love your cases. Will definitely be in line again if you find alternative means to produce.
  12. LittleLarrySellers

    A and B boards super sensitive

    I do use the metal clips but it's still usually requires a little squeeze. It's very fragile like Smokey. I am redoing my setup and once it's entombed in the metal case I am not going to move this anymore. So I just need to get the connection good once then I'll never touch it again other than...
  13. LittleLarrySellers

    Rastan pcb conversion to Rastan Saga

    cool stuff. I also only have Rastan but might try this swap out sometime to see the cut scenes.
  14. LittleLarrySellers

    A and B boards super sensitive

    This is more of me just venting but man these damn A+B boards are SO sensitive! I don't know if I am the only one who has this problem of sometimes you get those jailbars and a little squeeze of the shell will usually do the trick? It seems like if you ever move these around like I do since...
  15. LittleLarrySellers

    MiSTer FPGA

    I'm waiting for the early 90s Midway cores. Once I see a MKII core that slowly deteriorates every time you play it I will be impressed with the accuracy to the original hardware.
  16. LittleLarrySellers

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    @alecutheman I had one of these printed up and it fits like a glove! Thanks for sharing. One of my most treasured boards is my CPS2 with the HDMI mod and Darksoft CE Multi and RGB's CPS2 IO as the cherry on top. Now my LCD selector sits proudly atop this sexy beast.