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  1. Nebula

    FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

    I agree with this. And even more knowing that these pcbs eventually die due to their CPLDs... We urgently need to make a replacement, or in the near future we will have a beauty $3000 unusable pcb.... :(
  2. Nebula

    M72 Reproduction ROM Board w/Integrated Multi - RTYPE SUPPORTED, OLED, SoftDIPS

    Amazing work @dewmansnk ! About sub board, EPROMS should be soldered into pcb due to space limitation, right? if not, you need to go to the spacer solution.
  3. Nebula

    Bootleg, Hack job, Proto? Unusual CPS SF2 WW Board

    Yes. it would be nice to have some hi-res pictures of both sides of that additional board sandwiched between B and C boards. As I can see, it has 4 GAL16V8-equivalent chips. One of them may has the same functions of C632 PAL to handle kick harness inputs, but the other 3 ones are unknown...
  4. Nebula

    Bootleg, Hack job, Proto? Unusual CPS SF2 WW Board

    Never seen something like that... Looks like exactly the same silkscreen elements comparing to original one for capacitors, roms sockets, logos, and even the font used for references, so maybe a korean or china cheaper assembly? Question is... does it work?
  5. Nebula

    [FS] Armed Police Batrider B ver. | Shadow Force | Mercs | Galmedes | Susume!! Mile Smile

    Oops X/ Was thinking about December 2021. Definitely, I don't know the year when I live.... :S:D
  6. Nebula

    [FS] Armed Police Batrider B ver. | Shadow Force | Mercs | Galmedes | Susume!! Mile Smile

    Replying here was the last option as I sent a PM at begining of December. As I saw @neoretro75 last connection on the forum was one month ago, I expected a reply saying Galmedes was sold long ago at least... Yeah, I know the thread title including ABP is a big surprise to see in the "Latests...
  7. Nebula

    [FS] Armed Police Batrider B ver. | Shadow Force | Mercs | Galmedes | Susume!! Mile Smile

    Yeah, I PM’ed him two weeks ago about Galmedes, but no response. I tried to ping him by replying here today, but seems that it didn’t work…
  8. Nebula

    Dodonpachi saidaioujo Conversion sold for 2500usd

    This is quite shameful… what’s the profit or motivation of hoarding such a rare game, and avoid to help other buddies to make their pcbs back to life?
  9. Nebula

    Blazing Star Special Hack (No "Bonus" Sound)

    YEESS!! FiNALLY!!!! I ended up not being able to play this game due to that. So irritating… I think I was alone in this but glad to know it’s a common feeling
  10. Nebula

    Repairing Taito F3 "color bleeding” problem from Factory

    Thanks for the heads up! That was a typo. You can clearly see the resistor color bands as "red-black-red" on the new replacements. First post edited to fix it.
  11. Nebula

    Capcom CPS1 SF2+ Piskyo gunbird 2

    Maybe they are identical in terms of game capabilities, but they are physically different. PS3-V1 (from Strikers 1945 II): PS5 (from Strikers 1999): Also, PS5 variant has an enhanced audio circuit. It's able to use YAC513 or YAC516 (more complex) DACs And sorry to the OP, for...
  12. Nebula

    Capcom CPS1 SF2+ Piskyo gunbird 2

    That's a PS3-V1 pcb (weird, as Gunbird 2 used to be in PS5 pcb) Is PS3-V1 board also elegible for Multi?
  13. Nebula

    CPS1 C-board failure

    Yes, you need to populate all those elements to make that model C-board (92631C-6) to have the capabilities of key-programming and storing then using battery power. But you also need to make some missing traces in order to send the signals to B-21 when programming keys. We compiled more info...
  14. Nebula

    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    @twistedsymphony Just for completeness, there is also another "Best C Board" option, the one used originally at Three Wonders pcb stack. It is the "90630C-4", it's similar to "92641C-1" in term of capabilities, but slighty different component organization. It could be modified to run decrypted...
  15. Nebula

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    The one I was taking a look is the MS9-29SU section from Sega Touring Car Championship manual. In particular, page 154: I was researching about ABL (Automatic Beam Limit or...
  16. Nebula

    Darksoft CPS-1 Multi: Preview / Sneak Peek / Information - FINALLY!

    That board, even having the placeholder to install the battery, doesn’t have the capability to be key-programmed. It lacks some components and traces that model 90631C-5 has, such as some diodes and resistor to avoid battery-powering the B-21 while the PCB is running on a cab, and some traces...
  17. Nebula

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    Pinging @ShootTheCore about Contrast and Brightness adjustments. Seeing MS9 manual, I noticed that there is some section where it explains how to calibrate Brightness: It also involves tunning Sub-Contrast, ABL (Automatic Bright Limiter), Screen, Brightness and Contracts pots to adjust...
  18. Nebula

    Hitachi a68ksa30x Ms9-29su yoke for sale

    @hrvat9 Just for documentation purposes: Could you check if that yoke has some label with reference? It used to be attached at the exterior white plastic. Thanks in advance and GLWTS
  19. Nebula

    Darksoft CPS-1 Multi: Preview / Sneak Peek / Information - FINALLY!

    Sure, that’s also a perfect and valid solution. Easier to solder If you want to set it cosmetically as close as possible as original, then you can go to the solder blob solution, but you need more practice in soldering and ensure the connections are properly done. You choose ;)