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    Looking for a Taito Egret II (got a NAC instead)

    Congrats on the cab! Hopefully the monitor can be repaired
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    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    I would read up on the Wells Gardner 9200/9400 monitors. I think they’re know to be problematic and difficult to work on.
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    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    I bought a bunch of Aero City parts off him that I’m pleased with. Got a monitor bezel advertised no cracks(small cracks), a control panel bezel, and a pair of the casters. All items in fair condition and reasonably priced.
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    FS: A few candy cabs up for sale

    I almost bought that MVS U4 29 back when it was listed on the Neo Geo forums.
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    Sega Aero City! Great cabinets.

    Wow you must have maxed out the weight limit of your vehicle. Aero’s are heavy!!!
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    Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    This video shows someone installing new speakers and an amp in an aero city. Seems like the ones he found fit.
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    * SOLD Mitsubishi Megaview XC3725C 37" CRT Monitor w/ OSSC and Roadie Box $1200

    The geometry looks excellent for such a large display. Very nice monitor!
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    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    I would be interested in 2x43cm stools if possible. Thanks.
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    IC: Repro 2L6B Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    Ok thank you for the info.
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    IC: Repro 2L6B Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    How do I place and order? I never received the pm with payment information.
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    Voultar’s “Capcom Classics” Jamma Adapter

    Had my NES rgb modded by Voultar. He’s a good guy and does excellent work.
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    SOLD: 2x Capcom Mini Cute

    Damn, must be hard letting those go! I don’t think I could do it.
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    Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    I think $600 is a fair price for a sandblast and powder coat job. They also make a highly toxic paint stripper you can get in an aerosol can that would probably lift the paint off. Then he would just sandblast for the texture.
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    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    Excellent, thanks for the info. I’ve been slowly working on an Aero restore and this project is very inspiring.
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    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    $400 is a great price and they did an excellent job. What color white did they end up using?
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    X-men 4-player conversion/restoration

    Looks great, nice job! With all the work you put in you could probably just build a new simpsons cab and have both.
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    Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    I’ve read that Astro City cabs are paint code RAL 9002. Seems like it would be a pretty close match for the Aero as well.
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    New Taito Stools - Summer 2019 Order - 43cm and 48cm - See pics

    I purchased some on the arcade otaku forum and took 2 months to reach the east coast. Well worth it, the stools are very nice.
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    Hi From Boston, MA

    Hi and welcome! I live in Rhode Island. There’s an arcade bar called Freeplay in Providence and they have a Capcom Impress if you’re ever in the area.