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    Nanao MS9 - Wiring in NAC

    Hello Guys, I recently bought an MS9 chassis from Yaton, the monitor seems in pretty good shape but i'm missing the following as far as my knowledge extends: AC cord Connector that goes from the chassis to the jamma harness My cab is currently using a Wey Ya chassis and the jamma harness...
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    Greetings from Colombia!

    Hello fellow cade friends! Im Juan from Bogota Colombia, and im very happy to have found this awesome community, just got a New Astro city recently that i will be sharing on the showcase thread, check it out and let me know your comments! Thanks, Juan
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    CPS3 diagnostic

    Hello Guys! I just got some CPS3 related stuff and i would love your help to know what is going on with them. Items 1 - CPS3 Mobo with some kinda repair or bypass? 2 - CPS3 Mobo 3 - 2x64 simms 4 - 4x128 simms 5 - SFNG Cart ------ 2nd Mobo So what did i do with them? First i cleaned...
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    First serious project i´ve gotten into... Sega New Astro City here i come!

    Hello Arcade friends! My name is Juan from Bogota, Colombia (South America). I recently acquired a Sega New Astro city which is coming in the next couple of days to my place (imported from Ecuador) and i will like your help of how should i tackle this restoration, below are pics of what im...
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    WTB: CPS3 Darksoft Cart and SCSI2SD

    Hello guys! Im working on my CPS3 Kit and i missing a working cart (could be SF3rd or darksoft) and the cd rom unit (also know that SCSI2SD exists), im looking for both items shipped to Florida. Payment will be thru Paypal Thanks! Juan