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  1. chomponooch

    Positve feedback for Tailsnic Retroworks

    @Tailsnic Retroworks - great seller here. :thumbup: Items as described, well packaged, fast shipment Really friendly/helpful guy!!
  2. chomponooch

    Outrun pcb video connector/plug

    Need help identifying outrun pcb 6 pins rgb connector/plug type. What kind of connector is it? Thank you
  3. chomponooch

    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    I decided to replace Pony Mark III monitor protection glass (has faw minor scratches, but one quite deep crack) I have a request for advice. What kind of glass is it? It seems slightly dimmed, but is it polarized as well? Does anyone manufacture replacements this days? Thank you for any help.
  4. chomponooch

    Positive Feedback for Hammy

    @Hammy has fixed my faulty Batsugun - top notch standard of repair - the board works great now. Kept me informed the whole time - very helpful and friendly chap. Thanks so much again :)
  5. chomponooch

    Sega Aero City Cabinet top sign graphics

    I need to create repro of this sign ("VIDEO GAME SEGA AEROCITY") and looking for printable gfx to print it on foil and sticking to plexiglass or mayby someone produce/sell this sing repro? Any help is appreciated Thank you
  6. chomponooch

    Positive feedback - glstar

    Bought two aero cp's from @glstar - they were really well packaged and arrived quickly. Perfect seller, smooth transaction. thanks again!
  7. chomponooch

    Positive Feedback for Yippikaye

    Bought two games from @Yippikaye. Excellent packaging, quick postage and good comms throughout the deal. Many thanks!
  8. chomponooch

    [FS] Fighting Layer Tekken others

    tested and working pcbs: - Seibu Cup Soccer (Seibu) 60€ - Last Striker (East Technology) 70€ - Fighting Layer (Arika) 380€ - Tekken 3 (Namco jap. ver.) 90€ Ask me for the shipping costs. Trade offers are welcome (shmups&brawlers mainly) If you want pictures, testing clips or other infos -...
  9. chomponooch

    Price check Fighting Layer (Arika) pcb

    Whats going rate for Fighting Layer (Arika) board? Thank you
  10. chomponooch

    Positive Feedback for aarkay14

    Bought a Famicom from aarkay14. Came packaged well and in great condition. Thank you!
  11. chomponooch

    Positive feedback for ​@'statix138'

    Great guy to deal with! Very satisfying and unproblematic trade. Thank you @statix138
  12. chomponooch

    Toshiba A68 monitor in Aero City Cabinet

    While trying to find a burn-free MS8 on a local market (it isnt easy), one of the sellers sent me photos of such a monitor It seems like a crazy idea, but did anyone try to mount the 27 inch monitor in Aero City Cabinet? Is it even possible (will it fit to...
  13. chomponooch

    MS8 tube replacement (Sega Aero City)

    I'm looking for the tube suitable for MS8-26SE or MS8-26SU Sega Aero City chassis. I' found nice monitor (A63LCCC11X with MS8-26SU chassis) but the tube was damaged during the shipment. Now I've found another one tube - Zenith A63ADG25X (without chassis) Does it fit to MS8SE or MS8SU...
  14. chomponooch

    [WTT] Night Slashers Tank Force Fighting Layer Violent Storm Zero Team

    Hi For trade: Night Slashers - fully working, no issues. (Data East DE-0396-0 world version: ampli with heat sink changed, replecment eproms labels) looking for : -Battle Bakraid (priority) -Dangun Feveron -Grind Stormer -Dogyuun EU (and UK) well known users are prefered. Adding money if...
  15. chomponooch

    [HELP] Sudden problem with a working CPS2 multi

    My cps 2 multi setup has been working perfectly long time till last Saturday... I've not changed anything (even removed it from plastic case) but sudennly it boots to solid colour screen. Sometimes (very very rarely) it boots normally and after power off/on it boots to static green/blue/red...
  16. chomponooch

    Seibu Spi problem

    My Raiden Fighters board (SXX2D ver 2.1 motherboard plus euro region - Tunning licensee - cart) has been working well so far. Unfortunately, a few days ago, the board booted with an error (the game is working with gfx issue - thin, horizontal lines on the entire screen). First of all, I...
  17. chomponooch

    Final Fight c board issue

    The board is working (selftest, music, sounds, controls are OK) but has surprising gfx issue - picture seems to be moved 2/3 down. A and B boards are fine. C is the cause of the problem When I've changed c-board for another one from fully working Final Fight - everthing is OK. My question...
  18. chomponooch

    CPS2 multi sound issue

    My CPS 2 multi has been working very well so far (rev.7 B-board, Pal form Darksoft, Sandisk 4gb). Some time ago after turning it on it was making some strange sounds I switched A-boards - the sounds were still bad. I updated muti firmware - still the same. Formated sd card and copied all files...
  19. chomponooch

    Thunder Dragon 2 Graphics Glitch

    I've Thunder Dragon 2 (NMK), physically it seems good, rom check OK, gameplay working correctly - but it has a weird graphics glitch - some of the background sprites are messed up. pics What would be causing this? Thank you.
  20. chomponooch

    Data East MLC SYSTEM conversion possible?

    I was wondering if it's possible to do DATA EAST MLC SYSTEM HARDWARE ( conversions form Avengers to Skull Fang (or Street Hoops). Has anyone done this, or know the feasibility of doing this?