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  1. Arikado89

    Street Fighter EX Plus freezes on startup.

    Hello guys, I have the game running on free play for weeks with no issues. However, it started to freeze during gameplay and attract mode. On the next boot up the game freezes on start up as can be seen from the picture. I ran a ram/rom test and all were ok. Cant seem to find much online...
  2. Arikado89

    KOF XI black screen issue!

    I recently purchased a KOF XI cart(JP) "Original" from eBay. Today I tried it out with my KOF NeoWave(EN) setup which is 100% working. What I get is a black screen after "ALL BACKUP DATA WAS CLEARED" notice screen. I am fairly new to the Atomiswave hardware, So Could anyone clarify to me...
  3. Arikado89

    Super neo 29 monitor image wobble issue.

    Hello, One of my super neo 29 cabs started to have wobbly/ shaking image. I double checked the sync cable and monitor knobs in control panel but the problem persists. Thoughts?
  4. Arikado89

    [Found]WTB: CPS2 empty shell.

    Hello, Looking for an empty CPS2 A+B shells (any region) in an acceptable state. Preferably located in the US, Europe or Australia. Thanks!
  5. Arikado89

    Delta 32 JVS I/O Board Error

    Hi everyone, I've got pair of Delta 32 cabs that run Tekken 6 bloodline rebellion game in back to back setting as shown in the picture. I replaced the game with KOF 02UM board and didn't change anything else in the cabs. However, during the gameplay I get black screen with test mode error...
  6. Arikado89

    Blast city Nanao ms-2933

    Hi all, New owner of blast city here. The cabinet was running perfectly fine for 3 months or so, since I've bought it. It was running two PCBs, KOF 98 and KOF 2002UM. Anyway one night, I had my friend coming over to play some KOF games. After finishing with KOF98 I plugged 2002UM PCB and it was...