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  1. tiff_lee

    Namco System 22 connector identification

    I'm trying to identify the connector types used on the Namco system 22 mainboard & I/O board so I can make a test harness. Having looked through the Ridge Racer/RR2/RR schematics none of them ID the connectors like Sega does in their schematics. On the main board there is: 9 pin 50 pin I/O...
  2. tiff_lee

    Hitachi C4131S Rear projection (Megalo 410) remote/IR codes

    Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a remote for the Megalo410 rear projection setup? According to details on the cab it uses a Hitachi C4131S and googling reveals next to nothing except a few forum threads with no real info. Now i've got a 'one for all' JP1 remote which comes...
  3. tiff_lee

    Sega Rally 2 weak force feedback

    As per title my Sega Rally 2 has weak force feedback, even when cranked all the way up to 15 (maximum) its still pretty weak. There are no faults on the drive board and it's fully functional in the test menu (just weak). I stripped the motor down for a clean and inspection and it seems fine...
  4. tiff_lee

    Toshiba PF D29C051 chassis

    Picked up a cheap Toshiba PF today (Matsushita tube) minus the neckboard and chassis as it would prove to be a useful spare for one of my NNC's. How common are spare chassis for these tubes? I've googled D29C051/toshiba pf chassis and had limited results which would suggest they aren't too...
  5. tiff_lee

    Suitable step down transformer

    I'm in the process of trying to source step down transformers so I can convert my Japanese cabs to 240V internally and the cheapest i've found so far are some on ebay but they are 110V step downs.... I realise Jap cabs are 100V but would I be correct in saying that most Jap cabs imported to the...
  6. tiff_lee

    Namco 359/369

    Ok so putting this in the 246/256 since this is as close as we got to a dedicated Namco sub forum (supposed to the specific platform 246/256). Any guys here done any work on the 359/369 platform regarding custom firmware and the like, information seems to be thin on the ground apart from this...
  7. tiff_lee

    Namco Noir parts

    Anyone know a good source for Noir parts? I've got a genuine noir and the plastic trim which runs down either side of the control panel/cab is damaged on one side. Also need a marquee holder and there is a clear plastic bit above the lamp for the marquee which is damaged (could probably make...
  8. tiff_lee

    Pentranic A79PNT25X screen issues (Ridge/Rave Racer )

    Ok so the Rave Racer cab I just picked up has some CRT issues, so apart from the obvious get the chassis serviced I think I have some issues outside of that (although possibly not) The CRT is a Pentranic A79PNT25X, I can't find any identifying marks on the chassis i'll need to take a better...
  9. tiff_lee

    CRT Red colour appearing yellow/orange

    Picked up a twin US Daytona cab fitted with a Mitsubishi Electronics A63LCC11X tube and nanao ms8 26su chassis. No amount of tweaking the cut-off and gain will set the red, its coming out as a more orangey yellow colour and as such the other colours are also off. The other cab had a nanao...
  10. tiff_lee

    Sega Model 2/3 step revision vs conversions

    Can someone enlighten me as to what's the deal with Model 2/3 step revisions and conversions? From what i've read you can only convert a model 2/3 board to another game of the same step (of the donor board) but what is the reason for this limitation? is it something in the roms which dictates...
  11. tiff_lee

    Capcom ZN1 Rom swap/conversion

    Apart from the multi interest thread HERE and a random thread on the NG forum I haven't been able to find much info regarding conversions with the ZN1 board. Is it possible to convert this board from one capcom game to another? the thread on NG forum suggests that as long as the game being...
  12. tiff_lee

    RS Braun tube (Japanese) or tri-sync Braun tube

    Ok looking for some info on " RS Braun tube (Japanese) or tri-sync Braun tube" I'm in the process of buying a container load of blast city cabs from Japan and as i'm sure many of you are aware the original tri-sync CRT's are notorious for failing. The guy i'm dealing with has told me the...
  13. tiff_lee

    Replacement control panel for candy cab (New Astro City)

    Ok, so my recently acquired new astro city news a replacement control panel contrary to the previous owners 'refurb' consisting of putting a new overlay on a rusty panel and then tightening the retaining bolts too much it creased it. I'm basically looking for recommendations on a decent...
  14. tiff_lee

    Capcom Naomi I/O

    As per title after a naomi capcom I/O. I've seen a couple of these on ebay and not actually sure if that's the going rate rather than the 'ebay' rate if you follow but either way i'd like to think a private sale would yield a better deal without ebay getting their cut. Located in Australia...
  15. tiff_lee

    Neogeo MVS MV-1C YSA2 broken input

    Hi all, so i've got a MV-1C board and the A button input for player 1 is U/S, the circuit is good all the way to the NEO-YSA2 chip but since there is no pinout available (or schematic) online for the MV-1C I can only assume at this point the output of said chip is bad. Can anyone enlighten me...
  16. tiff_lee

    How do rear projection light gun games work?

    Ok so as per title how do light guns work on games that use a rear projection screen? Is it the same as if it were a regular CRT? For example House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Crisis Zone etc (supposed to a new modern LCD/LED based shooter) cheers, Lee