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  1. mikaeltarquin

    Nanao MS8-29 Collapse and Shutdown

    Alright experts, got a very troublesome Astro City MS8 on my hands. Previously this monitor had a bad chassis that would flicker and do weird things, leading me to think it had something wrong with the sync circuit. This is my friend's cab, and he got it from yaton, so he just had him send a...
  2. mikaeltarquin

    MS8-29 Remote Board Ribbon Cable

    Does anyone know what parts (headers, pins, etc) the MS8-29 remote board ribbon cable uses, or if a replacement can be purchased somewhere? I had a bad ribbon cable and didn't have parts on hand to repair it, so I removed the headers and hardwired the remote board. This worked, but this chassis...
  3. mikaeltarquin

    FS: CPS-3 Original SIMMs - 2x 64 MB

    Replaced my original Capcom SIMMs with Ultras, so these are for sale. I'd prefer to sell these as a set, but if they don't go in the next few weeks I can part them out. $290 (includes shipping to North America, USPS Priority unless requested otherwise). If parting out becomes necessary...
  4. mikaeltarquin

    Positive Feedback for Dk310 and Derick2k

    @Dk310 was a super cool guy to meet and hang with a bit, excellent seller and great to meet someone local who's into the scene! @Derick2k was an excellent seller to work with. Packaging was amazing and everything was handled with extreme care. Shipped very fast and a pleasure to work with!