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    FS: Pcb's, Naomi stuff, Time Crisis 4 gun

    pm for zaxxon with adaptater
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    pm for system 24
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    FS Sega Model 2/3, Racing Jam

    pm for star wars trilogy
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    Force Feedback Translator - Sega MIDI, Sega RS422 and Namco RS232

    I have made a SSD "Plug and Play for midi cab, Rs422 drive board Cab. You need only the Racing Cab, a computer and FFB Controller by Aganyte.
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    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    Hi, it's possible to add me to the list Thank you. Séb.
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    ST-V multicart game selector with LCD screen

    i need one too. dvseb.
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    Downsizing my collection (this time for good)

    Hi, F355 is the One or Two ? Thanks. Séb.
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    FS: Ferrari F355 Challenge 2 Rom Board

    Hi, a friend search it. how with shipping to france ? thanks. Séb.
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    [Wanted] Security Board Dirt Devils Model 3 SEGA

    Hi, I need this part 837-13499-COM It's security board for Dirt devils Model 3 Sega. Thanks. Séb.
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    FS : Original Card Reader Initial D 4,5,6,7,8 for Lindbergh and Ringedge

    For sale : Original Card Reader Initial D 4,5,6,7,8. Working perfect. Included : Power supply and loom for Ringedge/Lindbergh. Price : 300€ + shipping.
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    Initial D Stage 6 AA Card Reader

    Thank you for all. Lindbergh works great with the card reader, it was the dipswitch.. seb.