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  1. avramce

    [FS] MVS carts and kits + motherboards

    Hi all, selling off some spares to help fund the purchase of some new hardware. All carts have been tested and validated against MVS-Scans, happy to take additional pics if requested. Items ship out of Seattle, WA, and do not include shipping in the prices: CARTS: Samurai Shodown 1 (non...
  2. avramce

    FS: Neo Geo MVS carts and motherboards

    UPDATED: pruned off the sold items, updated the pic on listing Hi all, everything here has been tested and all carts have been verified as authentic to mvs-scans. Items will be shipped from Seattle, WA, please let me know if you want any board pics of anything. Happy to get a shipping quote...
  3. avramce

    Open MVS - Open Source CMVS project Project started as a DIY Omega that was 3D printable, but ultimately became a build with custom front and rear PCBs. Both the STL and gerber files are now openly available for anyone to use or modify.
  4. avramce

    Flickering joystick input?

    Hey all, I have an MV1C that the left joystick input flickers randomly without any input from the controller. At this point, I have tested several boards, and this is the only board, and the only input I have seen it on. I have seen several boards with either stuck high or stuck low inputs...
  5. avramce

    CMVS units based on MV1C and SVM's CMVSRGB board

    Finally dialed in my printer settings and my PCB designs to the point that I can easily wire up and test my CMVS builds: Build currently uses a MV1C board, a 5V3A power supply, two DB15 ports, either a Genesis 2 AV out or a female SCART port. I designed a JAMMA edge breakout, Genesis 2...
  6. avramce

    Some Consolized Neo Geo Projects I've been working on :)

    Hi all, bought my first Neo Geo cab in September of last year, and got drawn to the idea of learning how to consolize some of the spare boards I bought for parts. Big thanks to XianXi and mmmonkeys build logs/tutorials - very helpful for getting into this hobby. I've been posting these to the...