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  1. truxpin

    Interest Check: Darksoft Namco System 12 Multi - unofficial

    In in for 2 units totaly worth it just for the gun games the rest of games good too
  2. truxpin


    Please add me to the list for 1 unit I have a p47 that has just been waiting for this.
  3. truxpin

    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    I If this works there should be a picture of a system 12 point blank 2 pcb
  4. truxpin

    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    Finally Had a chance to find the system 12 point blank 2 pcb set and take some photos just need to work out how to post them in the mean time the main large bottom pcb silk screen text is ( SYSTEM 12 MOTHER (B) PCB ) the paper label on the bottom ( GNB5 VER.A ) top pcb ( COH-700 Sony part #...
  5. truxpin

    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    Point Blank 2 definitely exists on both system 11 and 12 as i have both and they play identically
  6. truxpin

    Official Interest list for Namco NA System Multi by Hammy (PCB design by Caius Arcade Repairs & Engineering)

    Any chance of being added to the list for 1x DIY kit as i finally found a good donor pcb thanks
  7. truxpin

    Best way to revive Crypt Killer w/ bad hard drive? - SOLVED

    From memory i think you will find the crypt killer pcb has both the narrow pitch pin out for the 2.5" drive and the standard 50 pin 0.1" for a 3.5" drive you just need to desolder the holes and fit the larger header pins as they are not populated from factory and i remember having mine working...
  8. truxpin

    Namco System 23, power connector type.

    power connector is JST VL series
  9. truxpin

    What is all that is needed to be able to play time crisis 3?

    I have only ever run my TC3 RGB but the NTSC converter should work ok just make sure you have the sync wire also connected to the gun i/o board and you should be good. Having a complete loom makes hooking it all up so much easier half the battle is already won i did mine the hard way and built...
  10. truxpin

    What is all that is needed to be able to play time crisis 3?

    You don`t need that i/o board for TC2 or TC3 it is only used in the DX units with the ir emitter guns with the camera for standard guns on a crt monitor you only need the gun i/o board all the wiring diagrams are in the sd manual so not to difficult to put together a TC3 setup
  11. truxpin

    Sega Model 2C - Stuck on Garbage boot

    Have you got the gun i/o board hooked up? As house of the dead wont boot without a working gun i/o hooked up you will just get a frozen picture that looks a bit like a pastel colour rug
  12. truxpin

    Time Crisis 3 gun recoil not working

    Check the 24V power supply they have a bad habit of failing
  13. truxpin

    SNK P.O.W audio amp identification

    possible Hitachi HA13001
  14. truxpin

    Need some help fixing Time Crisis 4

    Both TC3 and TC4 will boot to attract mode with no i/o board connected no idea about beeps as last time i tested one i did not have the sound hooked up make sure you have a good solid 5V at the power connector on the 256 unit or it wont boot
  15. truxpin

    [WTB] Coin slot light bulbs?

    The lamp is a standard GE 555 6.3v lamp as used in most pinball machines so you should be able to get them from anywhere that supplies pinball parts or even EBAY.
  16. truxpin

    Burning roms for Model 2/3 pcbs

    i have never seen a step 1 with a security board or even the connector to plug one into. as for model 2 boards some have security boards most don`t (dead or alive , zero gunner and dynamite cop have security boards there may be others)
  17. truxpin

    Burning roms for Model 2/3 pcbs

    Model 3 only used security boards on step 2 / 2.1 boards on most but not all games no security boards on step 1 and 1.5 so i guess these are fair game
  18. truxpin

    Bad Jamma edge?

    now i have had a chance to to have a close look at the rest of the volume control circuit check the pcb trace from pin 29 of the kick harness connector goes to one side of R31 ( this trace is also vulnerable to corrosion damage as it goes around the rca connectors) R31 is a 15K surface mounted...
  19. truxpin

    Bad Jamma edge?

    worth a check should be pin 29