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  1. XianXi

    Toshiba PD1843 chassis - Is this thing safe to turn on? (I doubt it...)

    Does anyone by chance know what parts I need to replace: D817 D818 Q807 Looks like they got broken off in shipping or something.
  2. XianXi

    JNX Lazy Finger - Inline DB15 Rapid Fire Adapter

    Bill at @Lions3 might have been stretched thin last time. Try reaching out to him again.
  3. XianXi

    JNX Atlas Adapter for your Pandora's Box/Blue Elf/Game Elf etc.

    I have the lite ones listed on ebay to make it easier for order flow and payment processing since I don't have Paypal.
  4. XianXi

    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    Thanks dude, that clears up a bunch.
  5. XianXi

    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    Just came across this thread, so is the Atlas plus connector only needed when using the JVS with a Naomi? Which system has all the kicks on the 14p? And looking at the pic it looks like Button "6" is terminated to input 9 on the 14p, is that correct? Any differences (button-wise) between Rev A...
  6. XianXi

    JNX Namco System 11/12 Kick Harness Adapter

    I will but waiting on the connectors to arrive still, taking forever to arrive.
  7. XianXi

    MK30 ADCAP Supergun BROKEN, Help Requested Please

    Check the pins in the harness that contact the board, sometimes over the many insertions the pins get bent and don't make as good contact as before, you can try bending it back to match the others.