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    I've always used exc1 to short and clear any stored corrupted key information. It may be the same as shorting exc5 but thought it worth mentioning.
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    C-Board connectors replacement

    ^those will work, assuming you get the correct pin count, but they do not populate the socket fully. It is possible to connect them incorrectly, as a result. Below are correct replacements. None in stock at that link, but possibly can be found elsewhere or looking for a slight part number...
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    CPS 1 graphics error custom chip?

    Start with probing cps-a-01. If you've got lines not doing anything that should be functional, or obviously misbehaving lines, then start with replacement of cps-a-01. Probing pal's can also give insight into a faulty cps-a-01. Again, lines with no signal that should have signal or lines that...
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    CPS 1 graphics error custom chip?

    Yes it is very likely one of the customs. Isolate it to the A board or the B+C set. If you have another working c board with same custom (can be a world warrior C board, with kick connector and ic. on top), then you can further isolate it to the C board if the issue is coming from.the b+c set...
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    NOS CPS-B-21's Available

    The B chips were also prone to failure. NOS should theoretically last as long as those installed at the time of manufacture - 15+ years. Purely speculative, but as long as some operational diligence is exercised (i.e. voltages ensured to be within range), they'll probably last longer.
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    NOS CPS-B-21's Available

    Howdy all. I got notification from a chip supplier who I previously purchased some nos b-21's from, that they have more in stock. He's quoting $33 per piece, not including shipping. I still have a few on hand, dont really need to spend money needlessly, but putting it out to the community...
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    UD-USB Decoders

    I used screws out of DB-15 kit, like this:
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    Converters and Adapters

    Not sure what that means. Typically, select is mapped to coin. In the case of this adapter, it is neo pin 2.
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    Converters and Adapters

    The button mapping can be found in this chart (far right column):
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    Converters and Adapters

    Prices include shipping within CONUS only. PM me with interest. Payment via paypal. Send as F&F, or you cover the 4%. ****Retrotek Transcoder is sold**** Retrotek VGA to YPbPr Transcoder Tested, working. Includes power supply, as pictured.
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    SOLD - Street Fighter Zero 3, Capcom Vs. SNK cart, WWF Superstars, CPS* A boards

    *****All items are now sold**** Prices include shipping within CONUS only. PM me with interest. Payment via paypal. Send as F&F, or you cover the 4%. ****SFZ3 is sold***** Street Fighter Zero 3 ‘B’ board ‘B’ board only. Very clean. Tested, working. Currently running on battery. $180...
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    CPS A-Board Differences

    Maybe you should take up your fight over here:
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    CPS A-Board Differences

    I don't recall offering any guarantees or warranties. Just summarizing the experience and opinions stated by others, including at least one MAME dev (who stated the 68k's overclock fine), and as well as my own experience. Any modding comes with the caveat of "proceed at your own risk" and...
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    CPS A-Board Differences

    Not true. The 10mhz 68k' overclock just fine. Quite a few in the community report upgrading their 10mhz boards with no issue. Also @PascalP can you provide some video evidence of benefits seen on something like sf2:ww big combos on a 12mhz board? We saw that sf2hf runs faster on a 12mhz...
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    ZN2 pcb problems

    Then get a logic probe and start probing for floating pins. Dont think I've seen schematics for these boards, so you'll have to use data sheets for off the shelf logic chips, and trace out any floaters on proprietary chips.
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    Final Fight CPS1 problem with sound effects and musical mix and overdrive

    ^That. I've repaired quite a few A board sound issues by tracking down floating connections. Cold solder joints once or twice, but more frequently it is severed traces, the cause of which cannot be found and have to be repaired with wire.
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    Another A-board failure, assistance requested!

    You might want to check the voltage from your power supply. Could be a root cause here. should be max 5.1v as measured at B board chips.
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    CPS-1 'A' Board Repair - As Simple as Replacing the Custom

    Nothing too in depth or detailed about this repair. I started with replacement of the CPS-A-01, and that's all it took. Looks pretty bad on the surface, and like it could be any number of things, but as we know, it's almost always the custom chip that's at fault. The symptoms: Repaired...
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    CPS1 graphics error

    Part of the problem could be the chunk missing off the corner of the C board custom. And/or whatever forceful impact caused that damage likely caused other damage But, as with every other thread on here asking about graphical problems, the most likely culprits are one or all of the following...
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    Replacement for Ferrite Beads on C board?

    The fb looks to stil be in tact, so shouldn't be your issue. Do you have a known good set you can use to swap parts? Check the pal's. If those are good, and theres nos signs of nicked lines, it's probably the b-21 that has gone bad.