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  1. KalessinDB

    WTB: Demon Front, Sengoku 3, STV, CPS1/2, Street Fighter the Movie and more

    I've got both your PGM wants and maybe Golden Axe The Duel (I know I owned it way back in the day when I first got into STV before the multi, not sure what happened to it) I'll try to lay my hands on them this weekend. I'm shit on pricing so roll around an offer in your brain while I'm hunting...
  2. KalessinDB

    [FS] THE ARCADE PCB CASE : "Universal Protection Case"

    Alright I'm in for one. I'm trying to cut down a bit, but my Haunted Castle deserves this level of love.
  3. KalessinDB

    FS: DE10 nano

    Got mine today, faster than even the sdram ordered the same day from misteraddons! Thanks again man, really appreciate it.
  4. KalessinDB

    Sold: NVS-4000 PSU

    This is sold, thanks
  5. KalessinDB

    Sold: NVS-4000 PSU

    I've got one of these left. Bought as working from Yaton a few years back, but due to various circumstances I never actually tested it myself. No wiring. Asking $75 plus actual shipping (which will probably be a bit, it's big and heavy), prefer to keep it in the USA just because that'll make...
  6. KalessinDB

    FS: DE10 nano

    Haven't been on much so missed this until now, but if you still have em.... I can use a backup. Just submitted.
  7. KalessinDB

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    OOH OOH ME ME ME! Been sitting on a JAMMA switcher to stuff em all into my Big Blue and have the ultimate Capcom Dream Machine!
  8. KalessinDB

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    A thought: Maybe update the first post of this thread (since it's the Official one) with the installation instructions if there's any soldering/etc to be done?
  9. KalessinDB

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Conversely, if I get FPGA I'm totally okay with my newer technology that is less likely to just give up the ghost one day ;)
  10. KalessinDB

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Queue #36, HSS order #41142, same email address on both accounts. This is probably gonna be my last major arcade purchase, I'm quite pleased with my collection now.
  11. KalessinDB

    CPS-2 Custom Metal Case -Pre-Orders open now

    I hope the special projects include a CPS-1 case to complete my set :D
  12. KalessinDB

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    I'm kinda Castlevania obsessed, and haven't gotten any Japanese print stuff for it (really my only imported stuff is a handful of games) so yeah probably :) I'll get it figured out over the weekend when I'm not at work (the joys of emergency services! Holidays? Oh you mean extra-money days!)...
  13. KalessinDB

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    Shit I'm gonna have to get together a list of Akumajou Dracula stuff I need...
  14. KalessinDB

    Sigma Raijin

    Oh man... please get help! There are therapists and for this kind of self-hatred :D
  15. KalessinDB

    Selling my fairly robust NES collection...

    My funds are a little light right now, but I'd definitely be interested in a complete ROB and maybe some carts.. I'm hovering just under 500 myself and I'm not too terribly picky on condition. Been a while since I scooped much up though.
  16. KalessinDB

    WTB: A Spooky PCB

    I was just thinking I had to come bump this! I'm trying to net-zero my arcade stuff lately, but I have a few hundo in my fund that I could spend :D Thanks for the bumpitybump
  17. KalessinDB

    Strange Capcom CPS-1/1.5 “Family” consolised system with custom carts?

    Bizarre but beautiful. It's gotta be a one-off custom build though.
  18. KalessinDB

    MiSTer FPGA

    Oh goddamn those are gorgeous! I might have to upgrade from my normal case.
  19. KalessinDB

    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    I think my favorite Yaton purchase was when I bought 2 NVS-4000 PSUs from him. I got 4. Not all at once though, I got 2 of them relatively quickly and then 2-3 months later he must have thought he didn't fulfill them and I got another 2. Imagine my surprise when I go to the post office for a...
  20. KalessinDB

    WTB: Fusion MVS to AES Adapter

    I sold mine years ago when I sold my AES... best advice I have though? Message him again. He comes through in the end (most of the time) but he can be very forgetful in replying.