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    Suicide tester rom time?
  2. skate323k137

    In need of Soul Calibur 3 English Dongle file

    Very happy to hear, looking forward to it :D
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    X2 Clone (PC Hardware)

    I used a spec-like PC for X2 games with a JVS-PAC until I got a real X2. Not a bad way to go, and also, the same PC can boot GroovyArcade off another HDD for CRT MAME glory.
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    Sold o eBay- Dell P1110 ebay local pick up only

    That is my fav gaming CRT for 31k and up. 2 inputs and blindingly bright 🌞
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    The Retro Mac Thread

    Great find locally, Mac plus with a bunch of goodies. The 20MB Hard drive was shot but everything else worked perfectly. Mainly because it makes a really nice stand for this guy, I used the enclosure of the HD20 SC to house a newer disk, but still a SCSI spinny disk, formatted to 1GB. Now I just...
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    Negative feedback (unfortunately) for qushuang

    Dealing with similar right now, won an item on eBay, paid probably 2x the actual shipping cost, and sent a note with the payment "please double box this item, I will pay any extra materials or freight charge." No reply, shipped in a single box, and now he wants more photos because he thinks he...
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    Sega Naomi 2 + Capcom IO power question

    Assuming your ATX PSU has enough amps on 5 and 3.3v, and maintains a proper voltage level on those rails, it should work fine. The NAOMI is a bit picky (and catches a rep for it) because it needs good 5v and 3.3v to function properly, and as you probably know, the capcom IO cannot provide enough...
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    The Retro Mac Thread

    For anyone else who likes MIDI / making music on old Macs, I sent my extra copy of this book off to be scanned. It's OCR'd and covers MIDI and synth concepts from the late 80's / early 90's focused around the computers available at the time, particularly apple/mac...
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    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    I always desolder with the PCB vertical. Also helps to keep the pump on a little after each desoldered joint just to keep it more clear overall.
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    Taito X3 multi to Sega Net City

    The X3 multi generally requires a high definition monitor, which a net city doesn't have. I use an X2 or Ringedge 2 multi in my net city as those support 480P.
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    The Retro Mac Thread

    Made some "Cheap and simple ADB to USB" keyboard adapters. Full thread where I got the instructions and gerbers: Flashing a new bootloader to the 'pro micro' so it will accept the QMK firmware wasn't bad, I...
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    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    @xodaraP can you chime in re just as far as voltage/speed stuff?
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    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    Pretty sure that's the 18v transformer for the sound amp. Unless you mean the line filter. See The monitors in my Sega cabs are powered from the mains, and Also, WG D9200's don't use ISO transformers either. And yea, it's fine...
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    Positive feedback for skate323k137

    Thank you, enjoy!
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    WTB: Net City Monitor

    FWIW both my JP net cities came with 2933s
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    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    Check impedence between them 1st, on my Happ PSU's there was no continuity and bridging fixed this kind of stuff. However the meanwells I have already have those connections bridged / common internally, so no change would be expected in that case.
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    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    The SCSI2SD is ideal for speed. The BlueSCSI, a more community project, doesn't seem to have the speed abilities. The SCSI2SD creators just announced AzulSCSI and despite the name confusion (its not from the BlueSCSI team) it looks like it will be a very fast and user friendly device that uses...
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    The Retro Mac Thread

    Maxed the IIe out! L to R: New PSU (installed inside original metal case) Ramworks IIII 4MB RAM Super Serial for modem (wimodem232) Apple II MIDI (Passport clone) GZ80/S (runs CP/M) Mockingboard multivoice sound card SNES Max Sockets Disk controller w/FloppyEMU Reactive MicroDrive Turbo CF...
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    FOUND: Sega Analog joystick (from Dynamite Baseball/World Series control panels)

    I think I have spare parts from a baseball panel? I can look, but I may have gotten rid of the sticks themselves. I also have a compete baseball panel but not sure if that is in your realm of possibility, but if you really wanted it we can talk. Edit: looked in my spares, I have 2 bats but no...