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  1. yosai

    MvC 1 scans request

    Not the best quality but there are some arts here
  2. yosai

    Traded: CPS2 Black Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary

    According to CPS2Shock these are all of the Black boards Hyper Street Fighter II Mars Matrix Marvel Vs. Capcom Street Fighter Zero 3 Giga Wing Great Mahou Daisakusen Can't say I've ever seen a GMD board but the others pop up from time to time.
  3. yosai

    Astro City - what’s missing?

    An Asahi Seiko AD81P Coin Mech will slot in to the cradle. Richy13 has some for sale here
  4. yosai

    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Steve, I've got an MS9 chassis if you want to trade.
  5. yosai

    How to setup Attract-Mode Frontend with Nesicaxlive theme

    Nice thread, any idea how to add JVS or Fast IO support?
  6. yosai


    There is a workaround here.
  7. yosai

    Sold:battle garegga,Sold out
  8. yosai

    Chunithm LED issue YHJ listings for Chunithm
  9. yosai

    BetsuBetsu v2 (video splitter for streaming)

    Looking good. Video output from a 15 pin D Sub connector would have been better. But getting shot of the mini-din 8 is a good move.
  10. yosai

    Aleck 64 conversion question

    The seller is also selling GNet modBios updates for $100 :thumbdown:
  11. yosai

    Aleck 64 conversion question

    I would suggest it's an expensive conversion. The cartridge has a connector above the label, and the label looks matte instead of gloss.
  12. yosai

    Help me fix the AES I just broke...

    Even relatively simple jobs can go south without the correct tools. Good that you got it working though. :thumbup:
  13. yosai

    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    The QC from these Chinese sellers is awful. Maybe reseat the ICs but whilst they're off the board reflow the sockets and check the rest of the PCB for dry joints.
  14. yosai

    Super Street fighter II Tournament Battle Eprom set

    It should be just the program EPROMs 03, 04, 05, 06 & 07
  15. yosai

    Bootleg CPS-1 A Motherboard with SNK markings…

    The SNK marking is legit. It's on CPS2 boards too.
  16. yosai

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    It's been about 15 years since I've owned the PCB so I can't comment on the accuracy. It plays fine, a few graphical glitches here and there and a bit of slowdown but it looks and sounds as I remember. ESP Ra De and Dangun also play fine but Guwange has quite a few graphical problems. Both my...
  17. yosai

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Got around to setting this up today. Really impressed with the hardware and with the Mister preconfigured it was a 5 minute install that worked out of the box. Thanks @invzim :thumbsup:
  18. yosai

    Ideal PC cases for Arcade PCs

    Maybe team up wit @hursit and get a TypeX2 style case fabricated.
  19. yosai

    That Ikaruga bootleg on ebay