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    WTB: Saturn to Neo Geo adapter

    All of my searching online has lead me to the conclusion that no one makes these anymore. Arthrimus seems to either be on hiatus, or completely quit the hobby. I've been trying to find one so I can use my Saturn controllers with my supergun. If anyone knows of a person making these or is willing...
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    Cps2 case with MvC A & B (sold)

    PM sent regarding cps2 case.
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I purchased two cables to try out. No luck with them. The cable I have on the way is...
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    Hello everyone

    New to this fun hobby. I found out about this place from Smokemonster. I'm still learning about all this so please be nice if I ask stupid questions. :) My love of the Sega Saturn got me started with an ST-V. Still trying to get it working at the moment. I've managed to gather a psu, minigun...