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  1. MoppelTheWhale

    Dead Kyukyoku Tiger board - Help needed [Solved]

    Hey guys, today i recieved a Kyukyoku Tiger board which i bought. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I'm already in contact with the seller, but i figured perhaps somebody here has an idea what i could try. The board box the board arrived in was a little beat up, but the board war really...
  2. MoppelTheWhale

    Positive Feedback for Kavas

    I bought one of his System 16 Game Selectors. All around professional and nice dude, rather than just sending the package he asked how to properly declare it for german customs, that way all went without a hitch. Thanks mate!
  3. MoppelTheWhale

    help needed with system c2 board, no imputs no coinage

    hey guys, i received a a system c2 board (tant-r) yesterday, but when i connected it to my has or my blast city, it starts in attract mode,but it doesn‘t react to my coining up. When i try to change the dip settings to free play it still shows insert coin. And when set the dip switch to sound...
  4. MoppelTheWhale

    Positive Feedback for LemonyVengeance

    Got new wires for my cab from @Lemony Vengeance - really fast delivery the cables are really well made... Really nice guy on dm. I'm pretty sure that i'll get more stuff from him when the time comes. and i love the sticker :thumbsup: Thanks man!
  5. MoppelTheWhale

    Positive Feedback for Oneleaf86

    i bought selectors for M72 and S16b from @oneleaf86. The package was fast and well packed. The package contained a little something extra. I told him, it seems nobdy else is missing it, so he said i could keep it. All around nice guy and great product :thumbsup: - sorry it took me so long to...
  6. MoppelTheWhale

    Positive Feedback - YanoArcade

    I bought a Truxton PCB off @YanoArcade, paid last sunday and received a very securely packed PCB today, the following saturday. Thanks!
  7. MoppelTheWhale

    [PC/FS] CPS2 boards

    ok guys, i've got two CPS2 boards that i don't need anymore, and since @Jockel seems to need a functioning b-board it's time to get finally rolling. I've got: Dungeons & Dragons : Shadow over Mystara, japanese original last time i checked battery was ok, but have to recheck that (i payed 180€...
  8. MoppelTheWhale

    [No longer needed] Sega Mega Drive and Super nintendo working motherboards

    can vouch for him as well - soldered a display for a piboot setup for him and bought something here for him everthing went great :thumbup:
  9. MoppelTheWhale

    positive feedback for Aldo / CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES

    Haven't found one yet, so let's go :D As i already wrote in the recent purchases thread i bought two pcbs from him - delivery was super fast and well packaged as we know it from @CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES unfortunately when i tested the Rolling Thunder pcb i bought i realized the samples were...
  10. MoppelTheWhale

    Positive Feedback to a lot of members...

    Somehow i didn't realize there is this Feedback thread, so here it goes... I bought some stuff from @edwin128 a while back. He was very helpful with any questions i had, the package was sent very quickly and was packed very securely. From @NathanDrake i bought a ATX-PSU adapter. Here everthing...
  11. MoppelTheWhale

    two noob questions about the Sega ST-V and one about the MVS MV1FZ

    Hi guys, a few days ago i got my st-v board and Winter Heat, just in time for my multi which should hopefully arrive soon. In the beginning it scared me a bit because it always stopped working. It turned out the voltage was to low, with 5,05v it works flawless :D But now i have a few...
  12. MoppelTheWhale

    Idea for changing button mappings with an arduino?

    Hi guys, I have an idea what i would like to try, but as i already said i'm pretty much a complete noob when it comes to electronics. So before start i would like your opinions if its even doable. At the moment i only own a little Bartop with very limited Space inside. All the wiring comes...