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  1. phokkun

    WTB: CPS2 multi case

    It has already been sold sorry!
  2. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Any fellas here after Jasens CPS2 case from last year? Green/Black. Opened once to inspect and to go “oh I can’t be bothered cramming this in there” Asking what I paid before the usual fees/shipping from the man himself, about $200 aud. (ON HOLD!) Also still flogging a Naomi setup, netdimm and...
  3. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    No stock boss. The highlighted ones are currently in stock ':^) That said, Nishi is great. He'll help you find something you're after. They located a cabinet not listed for me and my wallets been angry at me ever since.
  4. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Got in on a wacky tobaccy container organised by Highway early-ish last year from South Korea. It's been a "life" long dream of mine as someone who lost enough brain cells to enjoy this monkey brain shit to own an EZ2, and I went so far as to sell a Beatmania IIDX cabinet to make space for it...
  5. phokkun

    FS: Some Cave pcbs

    will PM about MMP then drink some water
  6. phokkun

    MS2930/31 Deflection Yoke Question

    the 2930, 2931, 2933 and 2934 are pretty much interchangeable. I had to change the heater resistor on a 2934 once, but that was about it. The yokes seem to be the same for the most part.
  7. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    I shot him a PM :) The one in my Windy 2 is using a yoke for the Toshiba chassis, paired with the Nanao 2931 I get this brutally distracting linearity issue I can't fix but can live with. Failing that @djcalle would also be interested I think?
  8. phokkun

    Super Kaneko Nova (NEP-16) - No Sound

    G'day lads, recently snagged a motherboard and it came with a Gals Panic cart. I'm getting absolutely no sound on this at all. Not from the JAMMA edge or from the 4pin stereo connector. It was sold as a working board so something must've happened in transit or we've got a problem between my...
  9. phokkun

    WANTED: Taito Type X3 FigureHeads A System - Faulty is OK as well.

    @djsheep sorry mate I don't have anything :<
  10. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    I'm not gonna lie I definitely sucked at it, I'm sure there's a way to cheese it at least as Leo. I might have to fire it up on mame and try again! At the very least, Warzard is a very pretty game. Just remind yourself when you see it in action that this game came out in 1996, absolutely stunning.
  11. phokkun

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    As usual, no love for Warzard. My favourite tech demo ;_;
  12. phokkun

    WTB Muchi Muchi Pork PCB (full/partial kit preferred)

    This'll sting but if the spreadsheet is anything to go by I at least know what I'm in for. I’ve posted a wtb on shmups forum as well, I’m TJB over there. Regards, My Wallet.
  13. phokkun

    Konami Windy Restoration with Video!

    Oh ok fair enough, hopefully it's a simple fix then! I haven't put anything up yet and the lens on my phone is broken so I never really stopped all that much to take photos. But I'll put something up once I've repainted the doors. These cabinets clean up real good :>
  14. phokkun

    Konami Windy Restoration with Video!

    As someone who's finishing up on restoring a Windy 2 and saw your videos pop up the other night actually, I could not be more envious! A Windy 1 is one of the last cabs I want so I'll be following this closely. The convergence looks like the rings have come loose over time? Maybe moved a little...