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  1. hidaniel

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    Joey picked this up for me. He got it out Sunday and it arrived to central Canada, from Japan, on Thursday. Which blows my mind since it can take longer for Amazon Prime orders to get here. Dude is a magician as far as I'm concerned.
  2. hidaniel

    Naomi / Capcom I/O - power question

    If there's a wait list I could be added for one of these that would be terrific, thanks!
  3. hidaniel

    CPS-III Darksoft Ultra Simm Bios - Red Earth bug - TSOP48?

    Perfect, thanks a bunch, very much appreciated you looking for exactly what I need. I was having trouble finding concise information.
  4. hidaniel

    CPS-III Darksoft Ultra Simm Bios - Red Earth bug - TSOP48?

    If what I've read there was a bug in the initial release of the CPS-III Ultra Simm bios which causes Red Earth to freeze/unfreeze during gameplay. This is what my CPS-III with Ultra Simm is doing. If I understand correctly the bios lives on the TSOP48 on the SF3:NG cart. From what I've read, and...
  5. hidaniel

    WTB: Amazing Games KISS control panel - $100 + shipping

    Looking for an unpopulated Amazing Games KISS control panel in decent shape. Willing to pay $100 plus shipping within North America.
  6. hidaniel

    Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables

    'PLUGS REVERSED' -- Can someone explain to me what exactly this means?
  7. hidaniel

    Taito Vewlix PSU breakout PCB

    Hecking nice work!
  8. hidaniel

    Naomi / Capcom I/O - power question

    As a visual learner this is incredibly helpful. Thanks a bunch for your help.
  9. hidaniel

    Naomi / Capcom I/O - power question

    Sweet, thanks! Is the primary advantage of using the Meanwell power supply (I'm guessing along with an AWSD Power Supply Interface}, over a computer PSU with an adapter cable, the ability to adjust voltage? [edit] Wait: Reading comprehension is weak this late at night. Are you saying that I can...
  10. hidaniel

    Naomi / Capcom I/O - power question

    I know this is a dumb question, and I'm pretty sure I understand how all this works, but figured I'd ask just so I know exactly what I need rather than assuming. If I have a Naomi I would like to netboot, and I'm using a Capcom I/O, and all this is hooked up to a supergun, then the I/O is...
  11. hidaniel

    FS: DE10 nano

    Xed got this to me quickly. Just wanted to say thanks for getting these into the hands of enthusiasts. Much appreciated on my end.
  12. hidaniel

    FS: DE10 nano

    Order form filled. Not sure if you can still supply these but obviously would pick one up at whatever the going rate is. Thanks.
  13. hidaniel

    FS: Capcom boards: CPS2 - SFA3, MSH, VH:DR. CPS1 - Mercs

    Price drop on the super clean Mercs PCB. Everything else is sold.
  14. hidaniel

    FS: Capcom boards: CPS2 - SFA3, MSH, VH:DR. CPS1 - Mercs

    CPS2: Marvel Super Heroes (Blue - USA), on battery (changed Jan 2020, new fan added), A+B boards with clips: $300 (SOLD) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Blue - USA), on battery (changed Jan 2020, new fan added), A+B boards NO clips, dinged A board (pic 2): $300 (SOLD) Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers'...
  15. hidaniel

    EPROM Eraser alternatives?

    I'm sure it doesn't really matter but if you're using sunlight, and want to speed up the erasing, try and not have them behind glass. UVB is almost completely blocked by glass, and UVA only makes it through ~75%.
  16. hidaniel

    FT: CPS2 and Neo Geo MVS for Naomi 2 w/ Netdimm, Darksoft MVS, candy cab.

    In an effort to stop myself from buying more and more stuff that sits in my closet I've decided to go the multi route. I have a number of CPS2 titles, A and B boards, and Neo Geo MVS carts. I am looking for a Naomi 2 netdimm set-up, and/or Darksoft MVS cart. Contact me should you have one...
  17. hidaniel

    Positive Feedback for hidaniel

    Yup, this went as smooth as one could hope for. Great communication and prompt payment from @kikaso -- Fantastic buyer.
  18. hidaniel

    Help with CPS2 SFZ2 Asia (grey) - And interesting photos!

    Regarding the clips, of the five A/B board pairs I have, four of which are USA and one is a rental, four came with stainless clips and only one had black clips.
  19. hidaniel

    CPS2 Champion Multi: Instructions and tips (new Version after 10.2020)

    Can someone confirm my assumption that I'll need to remove the PIC12F675, used to revive a suicided board, prior to installing the Multi?
  20. hidaniel

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Please add me to the list. Thanks.