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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    It has no mouse cursor set as an image and is just a blank cursor. It's not wise to restore it as not all of the games will clear it out. You'll end up with some that have a mouse hovering over the top.
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    G-net multi?

    It was in another thread on here but apocalypse and I inspected the images and he worked on the bios with mame. If you look in a hex editor you’ll find going past the piddly filesystem that shows on a pc there’s a bunch of raw hex data which holds the game. Edit: also great to hear everything’s...
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    G-net multi?

    About the only way you would be able to have a multi from the CF side is having some form of bankswitching into 64MB chunks to house an image. The non-g-net games that are available on the platform use very custom hacks that won't scale outside of their design. Long story short is that there's...
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    Interest Check: N64 Cartridge adapter for Seta Aleck 64

    Yes that’s all that is necessary. I’ve wired an aleck panel into a n64 because WHY NOT
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    Fast I/O vs JVS

    Sega 837-1527-91 is the fastest I’ve measured at 4-7ms response time.
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Honest question for moderation: why is KC allowed to still sell here? These situations are far from unique and he’s had plenty of issues with buyers on this forum. The stool fiasco is a great example in which he was close to being banned up until he finally got around to shipping people their...
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    From a clean multi image press the options button and see what it is detecting for IO and emulation
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    There's two modes in Darius: JVS and FastIO. JVS mode has a flipped screen for the second and FastIO are both "normal" for orientation. I've never bothered to figure out how to make it boot with JVS but two fastio boards should allow for both screens in normal orientation.
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    need help with taito x3 error 2903

    Depending on the drive that the x3 had previous there's some options. The easiest are X3 that had WD drives. Basically what you need to do is get another WD platter drive to replace the existing, clone the drive and then use WD Marvel to obtain the drive password from...
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    Save vertical setting for Niko's multi

    I haven't used xp/ewf for some time so my syntax might be off, if it gives you an error it's ewfmgr c: -commit
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    Save vertical setting for Niko's multi

    You need shutdown.exe from a Windows XP SP2 cd/install on the cd it will be in the i386 folder as SHUTDOWN.EX_ - run expand SHUTDOWN.EX_ C:\SHUTDOWN.EXE and copy the file onto the C: drive. Once it's loaded and the registry is changed open a command prompt, run "ewfmgr c: commit" and then...
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    Specification of the Taito Type x4?

    The JVS portion of the card never initializes and won't respond when a game queries the port. You can use the FastIO input but you need the "fixed" solutions that include card emulation otherwise no matter what happens you get IO ERROR in every FastIO game. In a X3 with a card reader hooked up...
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    Specification of the Taito Type x4?

    Fair warning on these platforms if you're looking to do a hardware upgrade: FastIO does not fully function outside of the X3. There's some control codes the X3 bios sends the FastIO card which preps the JVS portion for the system. You can get input to work using tools with card emulation but...
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    No I have not done it. There's no way to do it without NxL2.
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    Taito X4 is ok for Load X3‘s Emuline's 1TB V4.7 img.

    It's worth mentioning that the bios on the X4 is rather silly. There's no support for CSM in the secure boot settings so you might have problems with some panels and a blank display. An active display port -> DVI/VGA adapter seems to get around this. If your panel has no display after posting...
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    The game requires network support to do local vs as NxL2 tells the cab who its mate is when it checks in.
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    Control PCBs are paired to their dongles on a X3?

    For what it's worth depending on the title Taito decided to set the board to IDE mode or AHCI mode for the SATA drive. My P&D chassis had AHCI set while NxL2 has IDE set. Moving drives between the two produces the no bootable device error because of it. Flipping the SATA mode in the bios will...
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    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    Are you testing over DVI or VGA? I found that a Radeon r360 eventually decided it could not longer accept EDID from DVI and only worked over VGA.
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    IGS PGM1 Demon Front

    There's two versions of Demon Front. Cart and PCB. There's also a v1.1 that is only on the PCB version from Korea. That's still legitimate.
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Darius can work on a single monitor but it's kind of silly for requirements that makes it not worth it. You need to have two fastio boards plugged in both main and sub or it will not boot up. You're better off just using xinput with the pc release.. It doesn't seem to have sound but I didn't...