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    DS CPS2 Multi Booting Question

    I was wondering why certain games will always reload correctly no matter how long the board has been powered off, but other titles need to be re-flashed after every dormancy longer than a few minutes. Dimahoo, for example, always comes right up no matter how long it's been off, but MvC (and most...
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    Help identifying a coil on Nanao MS9 board

    If you need to measure inductance, buy or borrow something like this. It's good for testing caps as well.
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    Help identifying a coil on Nanao MS9 board

    L is for inductor. My best guess is a filter inductor of some kind.
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    Running TTX3 Multi plus other systems in a Vewlix?

    Thanks guys. I'm leaning this way. Controls: 60-pin housing connector > 2x Brook XB Fighting Boards. The Brook boards should work on Mister just fine. I'll just need to move the 60-pin connector manually. A/V: 3x1 Automatic HDMI switcher w/ 3.5mm out
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    New Astro City Tube Swap

    Only other candies of that era had Toshiba tubes with the same physical dimensions. You might have luck finding a 27" Toshiba TV with a similar shape and short neck as long as the neck pinout is compatible. You'd need to swap the yoke as well because that definitely won't be compatible with the...
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    Running TTX3 Multi plus other systems in a Vewlix?

    If I wanted to run a TTX3 multi in a Vewlix via Fast I/O but also be able to easily switch to a different system like an Xbox360 or Mister, what's the best way to do that? Wanting to use the Vewlix stick/buttons for everything.
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    Sold: Taito Type X3 Spare Parts Lot

    Stock Taito x3 parts, sold as a lot only. All working, all good condition. $50 shipped to US. PM for elsewhere. CPU fan/heatsink Rear IO cover plate i3 2120 CPU MSI GTX640 GPU
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    If I decide somewhere down the line to sell my ARTAX TTX3 here in the AP market, is there any restrictions on that? Would I need to wipe the drive first?
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    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff There's one on ebay now. Sourcing an original mobo is not feasible IMHO.
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    MiSTer FPGA

    I'm looking for a metal case for the basic 3-board stack: AIO/DE10/USB. I have the old style USB hub with the barrel plug for power instead of USB port. I'm looking for something like this, but can't find anything that fits the old USB hub: Looking to...
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    For those that have v6, are there any RE, ES3, or TTX /2/3 games (read: not MAME) not included in v4?
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    What constitutes a public release? I'm pretty sure I got v5 from a message board post linking to a cloud download, not exactly sure where. EDIT: Actually I only have v4.
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    ARTAX TTX3 Multi on stock Vewlix monitors?

    Does that mean that the menu is rendered in 720p, and Windows downscales each game as well?
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    ARTAX TTX3 Multi on stock Vewlix monitors?

    My understanding is that the ARTAX multi is hard-coded for 1080p only. Besides replacing the monitor altogether, what are the options for using ATRAX in a stock Vewlix with the older 720p screen? Is downscaling possible?
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    Fast I/O PCBs

    If someone can dump one of the 6 button units without the jamma edge like K91X1243C, then I'll try to write to one of my 4 button units.
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    TTX3 Motherboard Drop-in Replacement?

    This unit is a drop-in replacement for the stock TTX3 mobo: Caveats: -You'll need a 3-pin chassis fan extension cable -Stock x3 CPU fan won't mount, you'll need something like the stock Intel fan that clips in instead of screws...
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    TTX3 Multi support for Gunslinger Stratos Gun/IO?

    Does anyone know if there's been any work to try and get the GS gun setup working for the gun games in the X3 multi? Seems like it would be a good fit since it uses Fast IO, in part at least.
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    TTX3 Multi Online Support?

    Does the ARTAX TTX3 v4 image support online play for any of the online-enabled games? I haven't tried anything yet, just curious. Sorry if this was already answered elsewhere.
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    TTX3 Motherboard Drop-in Replacement?

    Can a mod move this to the Type X forum please? Thanks