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  1. Supergun

    CPS2 RAM TEST screen?

    What does it mean when you power up a CPS2 B board and it displays a RAM TEST screen? I have a board that is just doing this constantly on power up:
  2. Supergun

    WTB: Konami Scooter Shooter PCB

    I’m looking for a Konami Scooter Shooter board. Also known as Speeder Bike. Please contact me if you have this board. Konami Scooter Shooter Please contact me If you have this board for sale or trade. Thank you. I am also looking for these Konami boards: Kitten Kaboodle Black Panther
  3. Supergun

    Konami Rock ‘n Rage

    I recently acquired a non-working Konami Rock ‘n Rage board and this will be where I report my progress with trying to bring it back to life. So the main observable problem with the board is heavy corrosion. And so far, I have been cleaning and restoring the damaged areas the best that I can...
  4. Supergun

    FT: Konami Bucky and Cowboys boards

    I have a Konami Bucky O’hare Jamma board available for trade. Not looking to sell it at this time. I’m looking for obscure Konami boards. PM me if you have any for trade. Thanks. And I also have Konami Cowboys of Moo Mesa and Konami The Simpson’s Jamma boards available for trade as well. Again...
  5. Supergun

    Tech Help: Konami Violent Storm Board

    So I recently purchased a Konami Violent Storm board from a member on the KLOV. It was supposed to be a working board, but so far, I still have not been able to get it to work. I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it and then having to locate and purchase another board, so I...
  6. Supergun

    Hello from Florida

    Greetings. I just registered here and so I just wanted to go ahead and say hello to the community. I found the site quite by chance actually. It just kept coming up, over and over, in the results of my searches for information. I look forward to learning, contributing, and exchanging...