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  1. duffcon

    System 11&12 audio output questions for switcher

    I'm considering using a riddled TV switcher to put Tekken 2, 3 & tag into my Namco cabinet. The cab uses the onboard amplified audio, using the left channel from Jamma pin 10 and the right channel from the kick harness pin 1. The switcher works by using Jamma pin 10 for audio left and 11 for...
  2. duffcon

    FS/FT: Neo Geo MVS MV-2-19 aka “Goldie” SF bay area

    ***traded locally For a PC-10 dedicated*** A few months ago I picked up 2 rather rare MVS cabs. The woodgrain 19" cab is an oddity of the SNK MVS line up. Directed towards the Bar/Lounge/Waiting room market, it's woodgrain vinyl look is a bit of a throwback to 80s cabaret cabs. The idea is...
  3. duffcon

    Tekken4 manual, harness, instruction cards

    Free to a good home, just pay shipping
  4. duffcon

    Magic Sword Completely missing text (resolved)

    I have a Magic Sword board where the gameplay is missing all text elements, no high score, no bottom information area. Just characters and backgrounds in the main area. Sound works fine. Also missing is the startup copyright text, title screen, & the "winners don't use drugs" screen. The...
  5. duffcon

    SOLD - Storagepalooza: 2.5" HDDs and SSDs

    I have a large quantity of basically new 500gb HDDs (about 20) and Some used 128gb SSDs (about 40)...
  6. duffcon

    Totally dead SFII:WW

    So I WAS psyched about a good deal CPS1 Street Fighter 2: World Warrior, until I open the box. Apparently these things are made out of diamonds. it’s totally dead, nothing. Speaker probably bashed around the whole trip. So before i demand a refund, I tried the normal CPS1 troubleshooting...
  7. duffcon

    What to do with a SFII:WW board?

    So I just snagged a WW CPS-1 board on the cheap. I'm interested in the CPS1 multi and I didn't want to use my CPS-1 Dash board. Of course I forgot that the b-17 based C board on WW won't work with the CPS1 multi so i'd have to pickup a new C board as well. In the mean time I was thinking...
  8. duffcon

    25" K7000 Pinched on right side (linearity issue)

    I've been working on this issue over on KLOV, but I thought someone here might also be able to help: In Short, you can see the right side of the screen is narrower than the left (look at the MK symbols). I'll try to...
  9. duffcon

    Let’s talk about the flood of Chinese CPS-1 conversions on ebay

    So lately I’ve noticed a LOT of CPS1 conversions on eBay from China. These are obviously hack jobs, but some are rather interesting, sporting “reproduction” b-boards. The one I have pictured has a really janky re-cap of the audio section. How is it so many cps1 boards are in China? Any...
  10. duffcon

    Help with GQ-4x4 with ADP-054 adapter - burning 27C322 Roms

    xpost from Sega 16b support: Hi all. I'm working on burning some ROMs for the Sega System 16b multi. My setup is a GQ-4x4 with a ADP-054 adapter. I was able to write u14 (27C080) without issue. I've also burned many other roms that did not require the adapter without issue. The larger...
  11. duffcon

    WTT / WTB MVS carts

    Looking for: Neo turf masters Any metal slug Baseball stars 2 Have to trade: World heroes 2 Samurai showdown 2 Or some combo of cash or trade, let me know.
  12. duffcon

    FS Game: NorCal: Capcom "Big Blue" styled multi conversion - sold

    Pitchforks down: Capcom “Big Blue” styled multicab for sale I know this is not original, but hear me out. I created this for someone out there who wants a multi but doesn’t have the skills to make one. I know there are some members out there with a friend that wants them to make them a cab, but...
  13. duffcon

    NorCal shag-o-riffic pit fighter project

    Hey guys, I just grabbed this great pit fighter converted to a golden tee. It’s in really good shape overall, the worst is that it has a crack in the kick plate, probably can glue and clamp it, though it isn’t hurting anything. Everything works as is. Whoever converted it had an...interesting...
  14. duffcon

    Waiting for CPS2 Multi Kit therapy thread

    Got this idea from other forums: What are you doing to distract yourself while waiting for your CPS2 Multi to ship? I'll go first: I bought a Rev 6 Marvel Vs. Streetfighter w/ a Pal-G chip. Need to check the jumpers, but it should be good to go. Enjoying the game while I wait.
  15. duffcon

    ACblunden told me to post here

    Hi, My Name is Patrick and I go by the handle "duffcon" which is a combination of my old cat "Duffy" and "Concord" the city from which I hail. I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I started with Atari and still game daily. I joined the #PCMASTERRACE from the earliest days, even before dedicated...