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  1. stj

    Dynamite Dekka manual / wiring schematic

    anybody got a link to one? i want to see how the controls are connected. :)
  2. stj


    is there a good site for seeing the build-spec for each colour? i know you cant trust sixtoe's site (system16)
  3. stj

    state of megatouch

    anybody wanna PM me on this? i'd like to catch up on the dongle situation.
  4. stj

    HD6305 mcu

    has anybody tried dumping a 6305 with a 4k maskrom as a 63705 eprom based device?
  5. stj

    Y unit pld's

    has anybody dumped these?
  6. stj

    COINCO electronic mech's

    does anybody have pinouts or data to any of these? i recovered one from a can vending machine, same size as any 5inch mech, light brown with a display and some buttons on it - and a ribbon cable hanging out.
  7. stj


    i'm trying to dump a gal, i dumped it with an eprom adapter, and ran it through charles mcdonalds tool. now awincupl is bitching about pin15 i cant see anything wrong - any idea's?
  8. stj


    i dont know where to post this, and if you dont understand the title you can stop reading - it's a european thing. has anybody dumped the gal chip from the scorpion4 combined rom/sound card?? i know the mainboard was dumped, but i just had my only romcard go up in smoke! X( i can buy another...
  9. stj

    industry software

    does anybody have the WSM software from MEI / Mars Electronics? the company has ceased and i need the software for my programmer! or: STS-Advance from CPI *may* work, but i'm not sure, and they arent a company you can deal with :(
  10. stj

    UNI-BIOS 4.0 now free

  11. stj

    NES fault

    o.k., before i start soldering flyleads in this bitch to run to my scope, i'll ask incase it's been seen before. it runs fine for over an hour and then freezes. it's 100% themal because the longer it's left off after, the longer it runs again. it's a perfect freeze - 100% stable video. so the...
  12. stj

    WANTED: faulty/cheap Naomi net-dimm / satellite-dim top board(the one with the network i.c.)

    i want to draw a schematic of how the pci network controller connects to the pld to see if non-net boards can be cheaply adapted. 8)
  13. stj

    Megatouch XL

    does anybody have a set of TITANIUM2 install disks/iso's??
  14. stj

    tech help pls.

    can somebody try something for me, get a game cartridge without the plastic shell, and fit it, then fit a dimm module above it. does the naomi boot? does the game on the cartridge boot? if it does, it could be an interesting way to flash dimm modules! :!:
  15. stj

    rom boards

    does anybody know if there are multiple rom boards, or just 1 for each system?? i'm considering working out what all the jumpers do, but not if there are shitloads of different pcb;s!!
  16. stj


    is a Ricoh A5c gate array, now you just need to reverse-engineer some hi-res images! btw, the other bastard, the CPS-B-21 is the same chip - just different data in it.
  17. stj

    atari connectors

    does anybody know the make and series of the connectors used to put power into pcb's like gauntlet, xybots, system1 etc?? i think they are AMP or MOLEX but dont have the details handy.
  18. stj

    Seimitsu joystick springs

    i have a very nice chinese Seimitsu clone, but the centering is a bit weak for my tastes. does anybody know the order of spring-strength on seimitu sticks? :?:
  19. stj

    Taito G-NET

    does anybody have a save-board they could take hi-res photo's of? i noticed it's not in MAME. maybe we could even clone and enhance it. :P
  20. stj

    commando custom chip

    does anybody need one? i'm reverse-engineering it from a bootleg.