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  1. FairWitness

    SOLD: GQ4X Universal Programmer w/adapters

    I'm selling my GQ-4X programmer along with the ADP-054, ADP-082, ADP-077 adapters. It also includes a power cord as well as the USB cable. I'm asking $70 shipped within USA. SOLD!
  2. FairWitness

    SOLD: Framemeister XRGB Mini

    I’m selling my Framemeister as I don’t really use it much anymore. It’s complete with the box, cables, sd card, ac adapter, stand, remote with overlay, etc. I'm including both adapters for Scart and JP21. I’m asking $240 USD shipped within the USA.
  3. FairWitness

    Type X - CPU question

    I bought this TypeX off yahoo for $29 as "junk" because it was missing the video card and sold as untested. I bought a $15 9600SE video card off eBay and put it in, and everything works fine. I'm just wondering about the spec, its sticker says it's a: Model 017A 256MB mem Celeron 2.0GHz w/...