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  1. MissionFailed

    WTB: Blue nintendo VS. cab

    looking for a Original Blue Vs. Cab (original parts / restored). If anyone can help me locate one that would be swell. Getting it to put some Jamma boards in it with a converter board. It would look really nice next to my blue dk3. :D
  2. MissionFailed

    FOUND: Donkey kong 3 in a Blue cab

    Been looking for a Donky Kong 3 in an Original Nintendo blue cab (original parts / restored). I would take a blue DK cab and a DK3 install kit. Just been trying to find one without having to track down more parts to do a conversion. Most of the DK3 I've seen available are in atomic orange...
  3. MissionFailed

    Is this flat panel tv too laggy & poor ReZ for...

    So.. I was curios as too how well this 55' Samsung un55b8000xf (good example site) would work as a monitor for a Sega Lindbergh? it's 1080p but i'm pretty sure it can display 480i and 720p natively. Correct me if i'm wrong. At least when i plug a Genesis or NES into component the display has a...
  4. MissionFailed

    Stackable 2player controller condenser

    So, i was inspired by every ones projects and decided to learn more about simple prototyping. Downloaded "ExpressPCB" and took last Saturday teaching my self the basics and made my first personal project.... I think.... Its a work in progress. If you have any ideas or see any problems please...
  5. MissionFailed

    hello from Washington st

    hello everyone, :D names Joe. I've been studying entry level arcade knowledge for almost a year now and recently decided to start picking up some hardware. I was attracted to the hobby after deciding to cull my console collection to only titles that where arcade ports and or best on original...