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  1. SF3BMX

    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Hello all, Anyone here have a working Nanao MS9 monitor chassis that they are willing to sell? Thanks!
  2. SF3BMX

    WTB: CPS3 Metal Cage

    Hello all, Anyone by any chance have a CPS3 metal cage enclosure that they are willing to part with? I was going to go with the TRFightstick route but he is currently out of stock and it looks like it's going to be a long while. I have another CPS3 setup that is currently bare PCB. Let me...
  3. SF3BMX

    WTB: Remote Adjustment Board for Nanao MS9-29 chassis

    Anyone have a spare laying around with the cable? Anyone out there let me know!
  4. SF3BMX

    Nanao MS8-29FSG chassis issue (Astro City)

    Well it was working great for a few days and all of a sudden the problem I was originally having from the start unfortunately came back. So I got my chassis back from Sharp Image in Vegas this past weekend from being repaired and they basically did a complete chassis overhaul. Caps, solder...
  5. SF3BMX

    WTB: Astro City 3rd Strike Marquees

    Hello Everyone, This will probably be a shot in the dark. But by any chance does anyone here make reproduction marquees for Astro City cabs? I'm looking for 2 SFIII: 3rd Strike marquees. One with Chun-Li and the other with Ryu if possible. If anyone does or who can point me in the right...