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  1. Coyo5050

    Wiring an outlet

    I am used to the fuse style outlets, haven't wired one of these types. I am assuming it is wired pretty similar? *I used yellow instead of black since black was hard to see* This correct?
  2. Coyo5050

    Recommendations for soldering flux

    Anyone have good recommendations for type, brands, etc for good soldering flux? I have some old stuff from radio shack that doesnt seem to work well
  3. Coyo5050

    WTB: Dreamcast console

    Ebay prices are stupid high, just need one with power cord that works with gdemu. Ugly as hell is fine going to put it in a new case. PM me im in US
  4. Coyo5050

    Software recommendations for creating stuff

    So after years of wanting to get a 3D printer and waffling back and forth I finally got one. I had always planned on getting a Prussia but the price held me back. Found a crazy low price on a Dremel 3D40 ($400). I know it is limited to PLA but being fully enclosed, super easy to use, adapters to...
  5. Coyo5050

    Linbergh / Naomi gun setup help

    Need help with my gun setup wiring. So this probably applies to Naomi and Chihiro too but I am most interested in my Lindbergh Multi so I am posting here. Done a lot of research and getting annoyed. I know what cables should go where but nothing I have matches up correctly. Also wondering what...
  6. Coyo5050

    Vewlix Help

    So got my vewlix and cleaned it up and ready to set up some systems but not real sure on a couple things mainly power supplies and IO. Trying to minimize as much as possible swapping things. It has the taito jvs i/o in the cab already. Systems I want to play: Taito x2 - seems easy plug an...
  7. Coyo5050

    Naomi 1 color issues

    Going through my projects. Naomi 1 with video issues. Boots fine and plays games but static on the screen and not all colors are showing. CRT test screen shows purple,green, purple then grey. Other Naomi 1 and 2 work perfectly fine with my setup. Fixable or is this only good for parts?
  8. Coyo5050

    Taito G-Net problem

    Pulled my Taito G-Net board out to tryout some games but doesnt seem to turn on or at least nothing happens when I turn on my super gun. Tried with and without CF inserted to see if I can even get an error message but nothing. Worked fine before, came directly from Darksoft with modbios. Any...
  9. Coyo5050

    Neo Geo kick harness wiring

    Is there a “standard” way to wire up a neo geo style / db15 connector for 6 buttons if i want to add support for a kick harness? Im wiring up my supergun now and im going to mod a tatsunoko v capcom controller to match.
  10. Coyo5050

    Supergun project v2

    Made a supergun a couple years ago but I kept adding things to it which made it kind of messy as far as layout. Have been wanting to start from scratch with a new design and even more features. Have been very busy and what work I have done is time consuming. Making correct size holes in plastic...
  11. Coyo5050

    MV1FZ no sound

    Picked up a MV1FZ awhile ago and got around to testing it today. I get video but no sound of any sort. It originally had no video either and I thought I did a sound test that worked but I must be imagining things. Where should I be looking first? Thanks!
  12. Coyo5050

    Atomiswave Universal Monitor Help - a63afw36x

    The monitor seemed a bit on the dim side but when I put Maximum Speed it was like I was driving through the night with no lights on, I could barely see anything on the screen. Brightness maxed and it is definitely too dim. Not sure what setup is in this cabinet but the sticker on the tube says...
  13. Coyo5050

    Programming zero-key pic

    I have a GQ-4X programmer that I have used to program Naomi bios and other things. I am hoping I can program a zero-key pic. I have a PIC16C621A to program. Device is not in the list closest I have is a PIC16C62A and I dont know enough about this stuff to add to list. I used that device to...
  14. Coyo5050

    Recommended maintenance

    Do we have a thread anywhere of just recommended maintenance on boards, systems, etc? Seems like it would be useful so that lets say we pick up a board to know to remove this cap or reflow this connection etc etc.
  15. Coyo5050

    18 Wheeler Help - Naomi

    SOLUTION: Long story short, 18 wheeler needs an original bios and does not work with the multibios Hadnt played the game in a few months but worked fine previously. Turned the cabinet on everything seems normal at first; I choose the driver, goes the the USA map screen, then goes to the truck...
  16. Coyo5050

    Multi dongle still in the works?

    Havent heard anything about this in awhile. Was wondering is something is still in the works?
  17. Coyo5050

    Need help with Naomi gun board

    picked up a gun board awhile back and forgot about it. Did i get the right one for Naomi gun games? It doesnt have any part numbers on it but it looks to be this one from looking on line at pics. 838-14465R03. here is a pic from online first and then a pic of mine (mine has a white sticker that...
  18. Coyo5050

    WTB / WTT Atomiswave games

    Have an extra Sport Shooting USA looking to trade or sell. Want to get ranget mission and any other gun games. Interested in any games really besides SSU and Neowave.
  19. Coyo5050

    WTB: Sega IR Guns and Naomi / Net City monitor bezel for gun games

    WTB: Sega IR Guns and Naomi / Net City monitor bezel for gun games such as the one on HotD 3. I have the emitters and gun board now. Need guns and would like to get plastic bezel. Thanks!
  20. Coyo5050

    ST-V no sound

    Have a st-v with no sound. Volume pot does nothing except a little static noise at highest volume. Was going to make a rca cable for the cn24 connector to try out but dont know if that would also not work. Any suggestions where i should start looking for the problem? Thanks!