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  1. korpskytten

    SOLD. Japanese Xbox 360 + games

    SOLD. Selling my japanese Xbox 360 S with Hori fighting commander and some games. - Dodonpachi Dai ou Jou Black Label extra - Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label - Ketsui - Deatsmiles - Deathsmiles II Scart, VGA and composite cables included. 300 €. Shipping from Sweden. More pictures can be...
  2. korpskytten

    SOLD: Multi-setups, CPS1, CPS2, Naomi

    I have some multi-setups for sale that I don't have the time play at the moment. Prices are excl. shipping. Payment via PayPal F&F. I have made a lot of business here on this forum, and here is link to Ebay feedback: CPS1, chinese 32-in-1 multi, 300€ SOLD...
  3. korpskytten

    SOLD: CPS2 a-board

    Both sold. Euro 100€ Jap 100€
  4. korpskytten

    Solved: Faulty Progear board

    I sold a Progear board, fully working on battery. The buyer could not get it to work, dark screen, white screen etc. He said he tried in three different cabs. Then he did the eprom Razoola suicide test with the result of scrambled text!? Anyone know what could be the problem?
  5. korpskytten

    SOLD: Final Fight

    Final Fight CPS1 incl. bezel and marquee. 250 € + shipping SOLD Strider CPS1, 340 € SOLD Altered Beast incl. Jamma-adapter, 190 € SOLD Metal Slug JP MVS, incl. marquee etc., 250 € SOLD Sega ST-V motherboard with some SH-2 chip issues, 50 € SOLD
  6. korpskytten

    SOLD: UN Squadron

    Some stuff for sale. CPS1, UN Squadron, A+B+C-board and manual, 240 € SOLD Naomi GD-rom conversion cartridges (some might require multi region-bios) Ikaruga, Border Down, Under Defeat, Psyvariar 2, 400 € SOLD CPS2, Progear, running on battery. 640 € SOLD ST-V, Soukyugurentai / Terra diver...
  7. korpskytten

    SOLD: 1944 Loop master

    Original running on battery, with art and manual. Tracked shipping is 20 € to EU and US. Payment PAYPAL F&F. 1944: The loop master, 300 € SOLD 19XX, 200 € SOLD Mars matrix, 200 € SOLD Giga wing SOLD ebay 230 € Dimahoo, SOLD ebay 410 €
  8. korpskytten

    SOLD: XBOX 360 Shmups

  9. korpskytten

    FS: Gigawing CPS2 Allin1

    For sale, open for offers. Ask for shipping price. CPS2, Gigawing, Original Allin1 black version. Revived, no battery. €280 --> €260 Naomi kit, Radirgy Noa - very nice condition, €300 --> €280 —> €240 SOLD Cotton 2 ST-V cartridge, No longer for sale
  10. korpskytten

    FS: ST-V Fighting

    For sale. Open for offers. Ask for shipping price. ST-V carts Final fight revenge, €170 Elandoree,€120 Outlaws of the lost dynasty, €30 Groove on fight, €140 Astra superstars, €110 SOLD:
  11. korpskytten

    Hi from Sweden

    Hello, I have been collecting arcade games for 2 years, mostly Capcom and Sega. Nice to be here!