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  1. Brandon

    WTB Locks (maybe with keys) for IIDX cabinet [FOUND]

    I've a IIDX cabinet that has no locks (main door, coin drawer, and the two card readers). I found a set of keys inside number 506. Anyone have locks that match these keys or maybe someone can recommend a replacement lock and key set? EDIT: Ended up buying some locks off Amazon.
  2. Brandon

    FS: Gokujou Parodius rom board (Konami GX)

    This is a Gokujou Parodius rom board for the Konami System GX system. All that is needed to play this is a Konami GX main board, which is not included. It looks like someone tried reprogramming the 2/4 of the eproms at some point, but they do appear to be the originals as the chips match my...
  3. Brandon

    Seibu SPI with no video

    I got an SPI board and cartridge that was shipped to me as working, but upon arrival, I am not able to get any video or audio out of it. Does anyone know if the SPI board will display video even with the cartridge removed, such as an error message? I get nothing even without the cartridge...
  4. Brandon

    [Found] Ketsui PGM conversion cart in the US

    I just got a couple of main boards but don’t have a game to test them with. Would like to buy from someone in the US so I don’t have to go through eBay and wait a month like I did with these main boards — naturally one looks like it has had many repairs done. EDIT: Thanks Ekorz
  5. Brandon

    WTB: CPS2 B Board (blue or green) for use with multi

    I'm looking for a clean and undamaged US or JP B board that has the JST NH connector for key writing (should be revisions 93646BG-5, 93646B-6, 93646B-7, or 97691A-3).