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  1. aerobert

    Streaming equipment

    I'd like to get into streaming my pathetic gaming sessions so I'd like to buy anything related to that. Jamma A/V breakout, upscaler and capture card etc. Ossc 1.6 would be nice. Only EU. Cheers
  2. aerobert

    What version is my Outzone pcb?

    As pictured, the intro shows the guy in the door of the drop ship and the text says "mission are you ready? Destroy all of them. Goodluck!!" There was a good site that describes the differences between the romsets based on this informaiton but I cant find it.
  3. aerobert

    Sony ZN-2 spacer posts

    Anyone know what type of spacers are used for the ZN2 rom board? On pictures it seems to be plastic spacers that automatically clip the rom board. But on my mobo and board there is a regular post that requires a small nut, and the nut is missing.
  4. aerobert

    WTB: Espgaluda

    In search for a decent Espgaluda pcb or kit (Frankensteined or otherwise) for a reasonable price.
  5. aerobert

    Turtles free play and button hack?

    Is there a ROM hack available for original TMNT (2-players) that adds free play and swaps the attack/jump button? Would be nice to throw it in there when I'm swapping my 4 player board for 2 player roms anyway.
  6. aerobert

    New Astro City with bleeding whites and yellow/brown discoloration

    Posted this at AO, but I think this forum might be a bit more active on the tech. :) Bought a New Astro City recently in pretty decent condition. The tube has some light burn-in from mahjong and other stuff but it's barely visible when shining a light on it. Not visible in-game. The MS9 chassi...
  7. aerobert

    WTB: New Astro City PCB holder (FOUND!)

    I'm sure I could make one myself but wanted to check if anyone has the part left from a scrapped NAC.
  8. aerobert

    FS: Namco Consolette 26 & SNK MVS-U4

    Reducing my candy cab collection. Some of you probably already saw the post at AO but I figure I post it here too. The Pony is already sold (so are the MV25UP and Naomis if anyone catches wind of the other cabs originally posted.) I can ship in the EU but due to covid the prices have risen to...
  9. aerobert

    S: 3 sets Pgm single game pcb

    Never got around finishing this project. Selling 3 sets (6 pcb's) of fluffy's PGM design. Same price as Fluffy charged. 45 gbp ~53 euro.
  10. aerobert

    WTB: Plug n play multi system for NUC

    Hi, I have an original NUC running a NAOMI system without GDROM. Would like a nice plug n play ready multi for this cabinet. Either netdimm with a PI based on NAOMI, or something else with JVS, like a Taito TX2. Or whatever's out there...
  11. aerobert

    Wtb: Mr Driller G

    namco Mr driller Great. Preferably a complete kit.
  12. aerobert

    Positive feedback for Randomretro

    @RandomRetro Great buyer. No fuss, no problems. Would deal again without a doubt.
  13. aerobert

    SOLD: Sigma AV SuperGun - CPS2 Progear Conversion

    Hello, selling a nice control box setup in very good condition. It includes: Sigma AV-5000 A/V cables RGB cables (retrogamingcables uk) RGB to VGA board (mikes arcade) Scanline generator Jamma harness with kick harness Extra jamma harness Japanese plug, runs on 100V. I think it's possible to...
  14. aerobert

    FS: PCB's & MVS - Raiden

    Shipping only to Europe (not UK) and Japan at the moment. Shipping not included unless stated so. PCB MVS Sonic Wings 3 (boot) 30 euro World Heroes 30 euro or 40e for both