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  1. AMS

    FS: Aleck64 /Nintendo 64 Project

    Up for sale is the following project I wanted to finish but don’t have the time on hands so I hope someone will release this in the future Brand new controll panel with analoge and digital pcb/sticks switch version original Nintendo/aleck 2x new condition aleck 64 motherboard 1x original...
  2. AMS

    Wanted latest Naomi 1 bios USA area

    I’m in need of the latest USA/JAP bios for Naomi 1 NetBoot as I sold a netboot system but the bios if supply d is a bit Iffy and I just want to make sure that’s it all perfect So can anybody in the USA make me one and send it to @Marvabetic in the USA Let me know please :) thx
  3. AMS

    Zero pic needed Australia area

    Anybody here that is in aus area that can burn me a zero key chip and send it to @djsheep ? I pay for it. As I send one but takes ages so I want him sorted ASAP :-) Thx
  4. AMS

    Seta Aleck jamma board to Nintendo 64

    So I own 2 Seta aleck64 jamma boards the boards are based on the Nintendo 64 architecture and a few games came out on it. Most people don’t even know this board exists. Also there were not many good games on it :) so last week i open up the card (vivid dolls) and I had a look at the pcb. I...
  5. AMS

    FS: CPS3 MULTI Mint set with scsi2sd (SOLD)

    For sale Cps3 multi set Verry clean like new mobo incl all Simms you need incl orginal drive that’s working fine and also a scsi2sd Drive (never used it,code it yourself) plug and play 850 euro ex shipping from the netherlands bank transfer or Paypal F&F only more pics on request
  6. AMS

    FS: Taito Type X2 Multi

    For sale fully cleaned taito type x2 with multi hdd see pictures for game list Has new thermal paste etc the x2 has no hdd lid Specs are: 3.4GHz 1GB mem GF7900GS Runs on 100-240 volts origin price is 400 euro ex shipping from the Netherlands I have 3 sets left price is per set! will ship...
  7. AMS

    FS: Cave DDP Dai-Ou-Jou PGM2 Jamma

    For Sale cave dodonpachi-dai-ou-jou PGM blue set (game and mobo) Jamma pcb No box verry good condition comes with a full artwork Set super High res copy Price is 600 euro ex shipping from the Netherlands Paypal F&F or bank transfer . see other topics for much more cave sales
  8. AMS

    FS: Cave Esprade Jamma (SOLD)

    For Sale cave Esprade Jamma pcb No box Mint condition JAPAN version its not the cheaper export version most offer hence the price diff comes with a full artwork set High res copy Price is 850 euro ex shipping from the Netherlands Paypal F&F or bank transfer . see other topics for much more...
  9. AMS

    FS: Cave Ketsui Jamma (SOLD)

    For Sale cave ketsui Jamma pcb No box verry good condition and batt has been changed comes with a full artwork Set super High res copy Price is 1200 euro ex shipping from the Netherlands Paypal F&F or bank transfer . see other topics for much more cave sales
  10. AMS

    Sega ALLS System Set With Sega Super GT (SWDC)

    For sale verry rare and new Sega ALLS system with a “patched” game Sega super GT (japan) Sega world drivers championship also comes with the new Sega V4 1.0 i/o with the extender connection this is plug and play in the new type jvs cabinets I used it in my initial d cabinet with normal steering...
  11. AMS

    Seen this atomiswave hack before?

    Anybody seen this on a atomiswave before? And why? Just open it up to give a clean. Got it in a bunch of development console stuff
  12. AMS

    FS: Killer Instinct 1 Jamma Pcb with CF Card (SOLD)

    For sale clean an perfect working killer instinct 1 jamma board, no repairs has a CF conversion so no more shit harddrives original sound roms on the board you need to make a small loom/kick harnass for button 4,5,6 But easy as ABC :-) 600 euro ex shipping From the Netherlands
  13. AMS

    FS: Cave Deathsmiles Mega Black Label Kit (SOLD)

    For sale/ trade Rare cave game Deathsmiles mega black label kit all original and Verry good condition. Pop has a crease and some small tape marks best seen only in sunlight and moves sheet has a small crease. 2 min pops in outer box. Pcb etc all minty Price is 5500 euro incl worldwide shipping...
  14. AMS

    FS: Taito Type X3 Nesica Live 2 Set

    For sale Taito type x3 nesica live 2 set x3 mobo Taito Jamma fast I/o (also to be used with a supergun :-) Rfid reader Incl power and usb (in panel) Nesica panel (verry rare) no loom 7 Patched games on 7 SSD Price is 1200 euro ex shipping from the Netherlands Paypal F&F or bank transfer only...
  15. AMS

    Wanted: Spikeout Romboard + Sound

    Looking for a Sega spikeout model 3 rom board incl sec pref with dsb2 cage and cables Don’t need the model 3 stack as I have plenty pref first edition not final round but 2x final round also oke lmk thnx
  16. AMS

    FS: Xbox 360 Cave Akai Kitana Kit

    For sale verry rare akai katana cave kit for the Xbox 360 in new condition this is the cave store exclusive comes with everything how a normal cave akai katana kit looks like so with pop/arts/mobs etc but then 360 made comes with game and music disc also Price is 600 euro ex shipping...
  17. AMS

    WTB: Sega System 32 Romboard (FOUND)

    Looking for an empty Sega system 32 romboard but must the type same as in the picture do not care what game it came from as long as it’s this type. System 32 has 2 diff rom boards . thx marco
  18. AMS

    WTB Development Consoles

    As I am also a fan of collecting development consoles I’m looking for fully working unbutcherd consoles/debugger/dev kits Sega Saturn Sophia Sega Saturn debugger Sega kitana development Sega Dreamcast development Panasonic M2 Xbox pc (classic) Also looking for dev demo s I have for trade also...
  19. AMS

    FS: Taito Half Life 2 Survivor Panel Vewlix incl I/o

    For sale a complete half life survivor panel for the vewlix comes with both analog sticks/card rader/ and the Expensive Taito i/o with wiring harnass plug and play. Also the 2 foot pedals are included Only thing you have to make is the loom (5wires) from i/o to the foot pedals. these are...
  20. AMS

    FS: Cave Akai Katana Kit (SOLD)

    For sale Rare Akai Katana set in almost mint condition, the outer box has some cringe and been pushed a little bit. The rest of the kit is in minty fresh new condition Price is 4000 euro incl worldwide shipping with fedex insured ! With pictures video s the whole shabangg. As I sold a few high...