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  1. Zepherino

    MP07-IONA-US V2 Case

    Here is the case for V2 of the MP07-IONA-US. It was quickly put together using my original case as a base, then adjusted to fit the new design based on the dimensions provided on Please consider this an UNTESTED case, since I don't have a MP07-IONA-US V2 to...
  2. Zepherino

    Positive feedback for Thchardcore

    I purchased the XRGB Mini from Thchardcore and it was a great experience. He was quick to respond, and thorough with updates in terms of when the item shipped. Would gladly purchase from again.
  3. Zepherino

    Positive feedback for garou81

    I purchased a CPS3 Multi from garou81, and his response and shipping was very quick. The item arrived well packaged and as described. When there was some slight trouble with the external RCA jacks (a problem ultimately solved with some cleaning around the volume pot), response was fast to this...
  4. Zepherino

    Positive Feedback for CoolFox

    I recently purchased some CPS3 SIMMs from CoolFox, and the experience was excellent. Response was very fast, and the item was shipped within a day of payment being sent. Items were very well packaged as well. I would gladly do business with you again CoolFox, thanks!
  5. Zepherino

    TTX2 troubleshooting

    Hi there, I recently got a Nesica X Live TTX2 and it's got some issues with booting up. I've gotten a BSOD 0x07E error on boot (from the original drive, and an SSD with Niko's multi image on it), and some Googling shows that this might be a memory related problem. I have 2x2GB DDR2 800 RAM on...
  6. Zepherino

    Positive feedback for rewrite

    I bought the PDP-V402 locally and it was a smooth experience. Good response time and quick to point out any potential issues he found with the monitor before I made the purchase. On top of that, he was kind enough to let me check out his awesome collection, and we talked about arcade stuff for a...
  7. Zepherino

    Multi material printing

    After about a year of ownership, I finally got my MMU2S to behave and print with multiple filaments somewhat reliably. The small living room model is by Mosaic Manufacturing. The 1/16 scale house is my own work. No idea how I'd incorporate this into the stuff I print for video games and...
  8. Zepherino

    Positive Feedback for psykom1

    Purchased the CPS1 14 in 1 from psykom1 and the experience was great! Quick to respond to questions and posted pictures of the board working before shipment. Item was shipped very quickly as well. Happy with the purchase and would do business again, thanks!
  9. Zepherino

    Puyo Puyo Fever controls

    For whatever reason, Puyo Puyo Fever has it's joystick controls turned 90 degs when I load it up. Some forum searching tells me that this happens due to using a Capcom IO, but I'm curious to see if anyone figured out a solution that didn't involve rewiring controls or making a fingerboard adapter.
  10. Zepherino

    Positive Feedback for Dreygor

    I was the person that recently purchased the Naomi netboot bundle. My overall experience with @Dreygor was great! Plenty of info and pictures/video provided of the working unit before the purchase was made, responded to my questions quickly and comprehensively, and kept me very well informed of...