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  1. Starcade

    Mortal Kombat 2 soundboard

    I have for sale a fully working MK2 soundboard. Last one sold for $150 on here (excluding postage) so advertising it at the same deal. I can provide the ribbon cable but I don’t have any spare power cables for it. Happy to provide a video of the soundboard test on WhatsApp to the buyer.
  2. Starcade

    Atomiswave Ranger Mission Cart

    Looking for a cart if anyone has one, thanks.
  3. Starcade

    Triforce Compact Flash Drive

    Hello all, Can someone let me know the answer to these, hopefully, simple questions? I have a Triforce type 3 and I am currently Netbooting to the system. I only play one game on it with a dedicated control panel and own official compact flash card readers from Sega. Since I'm not going to...
  4. Starcade

    Sega JVS type 2 I/O PCB

    If anyone has one spare to sell I could be interested in buying one.
  5. Starcade

    Naomi Virtua / Dynamic Golf related

    Hello, I am looking for anything Virtua Golf or Dynamic Golf related. Let me know if you have anything.
  6. Starcade

    Naomi security chips

    Apologies if this has been covered before but the search engine always brings up zero pic chips. Can a standard Naomi security chip used with a gdrom be replicated?
  7. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    I am looking for working top boards from a Naomi Netdimm board please if anyone has some where the main board has stopped working.
  8. Starcade

    Tekken 6 I/O cable

    Does anyone have the cable for the DC in and card reader for a System 357? I have made the DC in part of the cable but now need the card reader cable part. Can anyone provide details or sell me the cable?
  9. Starcade

    Naomi Net DIMM & DIMM revision upgrade

    I have a working Net DIMM that is a version 2.06 (from memory). It won't net boot but runs fine with the GD Rom function. I know there are GD ROM update discs to upgrade the Net DIMM to version 3.17. Does anyone have the GD ROM update disc who could loan it to me (I only need it for this one Net...
  10. Starcade

    System 256 Data Card Harness

    I have acquired some one player Tekken 5 & Tekken 5 DR control panels with the card readers built in. The problem is, not one of them had the harness going from the S CON V PCB to the Excard on the System 256 so I decided to make my own. I have built a few for my control panels and wondered if...
  11. Starcade

    Namco System 256 Excard

    Looking for an Excard for the 256 if anyone has one available please.
  12. Starcade

    Tekken Tag 2 marquee

    Does anyone have a TTT2 marquee for sale or any other associated artwork? On the lookout.
  13. Starcade

    Sega Naomi Connector Replacement

    Has anyone successfully replaced one of the header connectors (cart sockets) on a Naomi? I have one that had several bent pins on one of the connectors so removed it and took one from a dead board. The pins are held in place by friction contacts by driving them through the holes in the...
  14. Starcade

    Namco System 357/369 repairs

    Hi, Does anyone know someone or have a contact for repairing these systems please?
  15. Starcade

    WTD : Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion

    Hi, I'm looking for a working Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion system (either system 357, 359 or ideally 369) if anyone has one for sale. I just require the system, have everything else required to run it.
  16. Starcade

    Naomi Update 3.17 GDROM GDS-0023E

    I have a Net Dimm version 2.13. I've read for this version the Dimm has 'allnet' features but it won't net boot. I've put in the IP address for net boot settings and set the jumpers and it's giving me an error message - so this appears true. The netdimm works fine in GDROM mode. I can see the...
  17. Starcade

    Triforce Virtua Striker 4

    I would like to try Virtua Striker 4 for the Triforce. I have Virtua Striker 4 version 2006 on my Netdimm for the European and Asian versions (available from download) but for some reason Virtua Striker 4 (normal) isn't available. I've got the original disc and pic chip for the game. How could I...
  18. Starcade

    Triforce Type 1 Error 31

    I have a Triforce Type 1 that is giving me an error 31 message. I'm running a netboot set up from a pi and have a 512mb net dimm. All the set up is correct but wondering if there's something in the settings to turn the error message off. It's odd in the fact that the Triforce loads to the boot...
  19. Starcade

    Namco System 369 questions

    If there are any Namco System 369 owners who could help with a few questions it would be greatly appreciated. I recently acquired one running TT2 so looking for some basic answers before going forward 1) A TT2 manual - I've searched high and low for a manual and have turned up nothing. If...
  20. Starcade

    Sega Chihiro Type

    Can anyone help please? I'd like to play Sega Club Golf 2006: Next Tours. From the information available on the net this game operates on a Chihiro with a form of satellite terminal. Could anyone explain to me what would be required for me to play this game please? I can see there is a Chihiro...