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  1. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [REPAIRED] Hyper Pacman DAC question

    Hi. I'm trying to repair the audio section of a Hyper Pacman board. The game only plays the FX samples, and the HA17324 mixer only has the input for those FX. The KA51 it's pretty sure a Yamaha YM2151. Both KA51 works, but I'm suspecting the culprit for the music is the "KA12" (the broken sound...
  2. Tailsnic Retroworks

    SegaSonic the Hedgehog System 32 BUG???

    Hi. I have 2 converted SegaSonic the Hedgehog game boards. They are flashed with the hacked romset that is in the net. The 2 boards have a strange bug. After finishing the game (bad ending), if I want to begin again, the game freezes after screen tutorial. One times freezes and anything...
  3. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [REPAIRED] Pac Mania RAM2 ERROR 0000

    Hi. I'm trying to repair a Pac Mania with this error. I have desoldered the 2 rams located on E6 and D6, and they are working perfectly. The first byte line is 0000, but I don't know where to search next to this information.
  4. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [REPAIRED] Konami The Simpson color error on tiles

    Hi, I am trying to repair a partially broken Simpson board. It has the error of not showing good the palette colors on tiles. The sprites are drawn correctly. Checked the palette rams, the 3 x LS157 near the 053251 custom and 053251 itself replaced. Where should I go check? Could they be the...
  5. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [REPAIRED] Konami Vendetta 4f 5f BAD

    Hi. I have a Konami Vendetta board which has this bad components in the test. The 4f and 5f are the audio ram and CPU, and both are good. I have also checked the Zilog Z80, and also good. Where should I look for the audio section boot-up?
  6. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [REPAIRED] Violent Storm boots but not showing test screen

    Hi. I have an original Konami's Violent Storm which doesn't shows the rom ram test screen. The game is entering the test and the whatchdog makes its reset correctly, but I can't see anything in this screen (all black). I know there is something broken in the board that makes it reset, but I...
  7. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Joe & Mac Returns schematics?

    Hi. I'm trying to fix an original Joe & Mac Returns board using the mexican bootleg. The issue I have is not booting, but the signal I have using logic probe on 27C4002 main code A17 entry is logic 0 with alternating PULSE led, while the correct working value is constant PULSE. I have checked...
  8. Tailsnic Retroworks

    [NEW BUNDLE AVAILABLE] SEGA Naomi - Customized Compact Flash cards and labels for sale

    THIS THREAD IS FOR SELLING CUSTOMIZED COMPACT FLASH CARDS AND ALSO SEPARATED STICKERS. THIS FIRST POST IS DIVIDED IN TWO SALES TYPE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPACT FLASH CARDS: Own-customized Compact Flash cards for SEGA...
  9. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Spikeout Video Board Test BAD ICs

    I have a little problem with a Spikeout game board. I bought the game board and encryption board separately, and they are on a Virtua Striker 2 Step 2.0 donor. In the test, it marks 2 bad ICs that I can't find (the game makes some glitches). The original Virtua Striker 2 works good and all the...
  10. Tailsnic Retroworks

    WTB Sega Model 2 and 3 complete romsets

    Hi. I'm making my own collection of Sega Model games, so I have many donor motherboards. I'm searching if it's possible for these roms sets: Sega Model 2A or 2B: - Pilot Kids (with encryption board) - Dynamite Baseball - Sky Target - Rail Chase 2 - Zero Gunner (with encryption board) - Sonic...
  11. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Sega Model 3 Step 2.0, capacitor C144S and C194S values

    Hi, I have a Sega Model 3 Step 2.0 motherboard which has one capacitor taken away (C194S) and one for another friend in the same situation (C144S). Those two are in the main motherboard (not video board), in the encryption zone but underneath it. Can somebody tell me the values of those 2? In...
  12. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Fighting Vipers Model 2B conversion. Memory types/jumpers combination?

    Hi. I would like to know what are the combination jumpers and all the memory types I have to use to convert a Virtua Striker Model 2B into a Fighting Vipers. Many thanks.
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  14. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Time Crisis 2 error ram on test

    Hi. We are having problems with one of our two Time Crisis 2. One of them is stuck in this screen forever: Does this mean that this ram is broken? It's a Super System 23 board.
  15. Tailsnic Retroworks

    SEGA Model 3 Step 2.0 Spikeout conversion, is it possible?

    Hi. I am asking myself if it would be possible to convert a Virtua Striker 2 Model 3 Step 2.0 to a Spikeout Final Edition. Has anyone achieved to make it?
  16. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Dynamite Cop Model 2B strange board (maybe location test proto)

    Hi. I have recently aquired a few Model 2B untested Virtua Striker boards. Well, in one of them, I have found a "non Virtua Striker" board. It's a Dynamite Cop original board, but I have asked to people and they say it appears to be a location test proto because of the PICs and the encriptation...
  17. Tailsnic Retroworks

    SEGA Dreamcast's Soul Calibur Arcade Version Request

    Hi. I'm studying about a hack I have in mind. I know that Soul Calibur has its best version on Dreamcast hardware, but it is a home version after all: many game modes, allows pause in combat...Not the real spirit. I'm going to put a Dreamcast inside a Naomi Universal cabinet with this game, and...
  18. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Sega Model 2B board, IC60, IC61, IC68 and IC69 bad

    Hi. I am trying to repair an error on one of my Model 2B boards. I have replaced those 4 rams with new ones, but the error persists. Has somebody seen this type of error before? The main board has of origin SHARP LH521002AK-20 (the broken four), and I have put Mitshubishi M5M51004BJ-20 (from...
  19. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Pang 3 CPS1 B board original or bootleg?

    Hi. I'm very confused with a Pang 3 B board I have found. My board is as like the photo: I have many doubts about if it's original or not: - The serigraphy and size of the board is exact. - The memories and mask roms have been changed for working with the C-board (B-15). Many say 11/95. -...
  20. Tailsnic Retroworks

    Virtua Striker 2 Step 2.0 to Jurassic Park Step 1.5

    Hi. I have a working Virtua Striker 2 step 2.0 and a broken Jurassic Park setp 1.5. The main board of the jurassic park is broken, but we have the original secondary pcb of the jurassic one. Can I convert it to step 1.5?