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  1. Evan

    Mortal Kombat 1 Controller Panel Help

    I have somewhat recently essentially completely restored a Mortal Kombat 1 arcade machine. The only thing left for me to do is to replace the plexiglass overlay that covers the controls. I was wondering how I should go about getting a replacement? I think many places will cut plexiglass for you...
  2. Evan

    OG Xbox to Jamma Board?

    I recently received 2 original xboxes for free. I am going to use one as a modded system, but I thought maybe I could use the other as an arcade emulation system for my mortal kombat cab. Since some of my wanted PCBs are so expensive now I think this could be a decent option. Does anyone know...
  3. Evan

    Naomi 2 no sound?

    I recently moved my Naomi 2 after not using it for a while. When I plugged it in, games booted up fine and they displayed fine, however I’ve gotten no sound. To test it I put the audio cables directly in my tv and turned it on, and still no sound. Is this a common issue? Is a certain voltage...
  4. Evan

    [FS] Capcom I/O

    This is a capcom I/O with some wiring. It works well. Payment through PayPal gift please, I am willing to ship anywhere, but you have to pay shipping. $215 USD.
  5. Evan

    Tekken 2 Ver B. Capacitor Replacement

    I was cheap and sold my Tekken 2 board in less than ideal packaging and as a result a capacitor came off in shipping. I was wondering what type of capacitor this is and if I could get a replacement on somewhere like digikey.
  6. Evan

    Hooking up Jamma wired games in a Virtua Fighter 1 cab?

    This summer I am looking for an arcade cab. One of the on,y ones I can find is a virtual fighter 1 cab. I know this is wired for Sega Model 1, not for jamma. If I can't find any other cab is there anyway to hook up jamma games in a Sega Model 1 cab as well? I know the main issue is that the...
  7. Evan

    [FS] Atomiswave and some carts

    I'm selling some Atomiswave games and an Atomiswave. Ill use Paypal for payment. Since at least where I am from the USPS has been horrible lately I will use UPS. Obviously, shipping costs will depend on where I am shipping it to. Atomiswave- $90 Works well, no diode issues. Has a 3.5mm stereo...
  8. Evan

    [FS] Lots of Neo Geo AES Games

    I'm selling off my Neo Geo homecart collection. For payment, I would prefer PayPal. Shipping-wise the USPS has been horrible at least for where I live so I will use UPS ground instead. The prices here do not include shipping, and obviously, that depends on where I am shipping it to. If you want...
  9. Evan

    JST Power connectors?

    I have a Naomi 2 with a sun psu and that works fine. I hacked up a AXT power supply to work with the Naomi and it works great with my netdimm setup! However it’s only wired up for the right bigger jst power connector. Is it ok if I only use one of the power connectors or do I have to use both?
  10. Evan

    Hyper Neo Geo 64 Driving Board

    Hey, I’m going to get a hyper neo Geo 64 driving board to work with a GameCube controller. I’m going to start it tonight. I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes!
  11. Evan

    Very finicky Virtua Fighter Remix cart?

    I recently got an st-v with Virtua Fighter Remix. For some reason this has been the most finicky cart I’ve ever had in regards to getting it working. Almost all the time the cart gets past the patent screen and then either stays at a black screen or displays the game with no 3d models. Is this a...
  12. Evan

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I have been into Neo Geo stuff for a while now, and as it goes I’ve gotten into more arcade stuff. Now I’m the owner of an mvs, a hyper 64, and a Naomi 2 netdimm setup. Hope to enjoy my time on here!