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  1. invzim

    New Net City Enhanced remote (PD-1843)

    I needed one, and figured someone else may need one too at some point, so I had a few made and it's now available on my website. I take zero credit for figuring this stuff out - I did play around with other resistor values with a resistor decade box, but could not trigger any additional menus...
  2. invzim

    ATX to JST-VL Adapters

    Had a bunch of these made as I had to get a custom cable made for the upcoming Mister JAMMA Expander anyway. They use soft and flexible 18 AWG silicone wires, with double wires for 3.3V and 5.0V - effectively giving you 2x15AWG (or 1x12 AWG) all the way from the ATX psu to the Naomi = minimal...
  3. invzim

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Being intrigued by the recent developments in MiSTer, and also recently getting a Sega Aero City - I'm working on a JAMMA board for DE10-Nano. It's a bit of re-use from other projects, and some new stuff. Main difference from other (announced and available) projects is the use of HDMI - this...
  4. invzim

    Atomiswave sync via VGA

    Anyone got an atomiswave mobo and a scope handy? Manual on page 7 says it's C-SYNC out, but I'm not 100% that's correct - would love to get this confirmed?
  5. invzim

    Retro Scaler A1

    New project in the works, ETA in 2-3 months barring any show-stoppers. A few details here, I'm going to do as much testing as possible, so what I need is some input on your problems with current scalers/PCB's - all my PCB's seem to work fine...
  6. invzim

    ATX bench PSU

    Time for an upgrade! My previous ATX bench supply was without me knowing it causing all sorts of video issues. After identifying the problem, it was time to get a new one, and I've picked up a Cooler Master MasterWatt 650W. ATX power for arcade is just fine, but using an old beat-up recycled...
  7. invzim

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    The work has begun :) Keyboard output with MAME mapping is a no-brainer and default, I always strive for things to 'just work' for 'most cases'. There will be no XBOX360/One, PS4 support as I assume official licenses are out of reach and I'm not in the possession of the crypto stuff Brooks...
  8. invzim

    BSIDE ESR02 PRO- cheap tool recommendation

    Just want to share a most useful tool I recently got to check caps, resistors, transistors and whatnot. It's a version of an open source project, but has proper case and banana jacks for test leads. It couldn't be easier to use - just plop the suspected part in and press the test button. It...
  9. invzim

    Naomi (JVS) <-> ATX Adapter

    Got an ATX 24 pin housing and pins in the mail today so I could finally assemble my adapter, as the old one I had was getting crusty. This time built to last :) I bought silicone 18AWG wires off ebay, which makes it soft and flexible. I used two wires for each 3.3V and 5V pin on the Naomi...
  10. invzim

    Retro Scaler rev 1.2

    Just a quick pic of one of my work-in-progress projects, by far the most complex thingie I've been been working on. Snagged the chance to get rev 1.2 printed as allpcb has free shipping promo. Seems to be working fine and major issues so far. Performance is very nice, and next big thing for...
  11. invzim

    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    On my increasingly long list of unfinished projects, this is something I've been tinkering with for a while. An alternative to the RS, Namco and Konami boards you need to play Jamma PCB's in a JVS cab. JVS2JAMMA is perfectly clear in my head, but I've seen someone use it to refer to an IO board...
  12. invzim

    Naomi power consumption

    Hacked up a little setup to get some numbers to replace speculation about Naomi power consumption, how much the DIMM uses etc. I was a little surprised to see that the most heavily used rail is 3.3V. Naomi with cart uses 2.4A @ 3.3V, which...
  13. invzim

    Naomi cart repair to Ikaruga

    The other thread is getting long, and I'd thought I should write a quick summary of what's involved. First off, it's very doable - BUT, you will need some gear to do it. 1 - Fancy programmer with TSOP44 adapter 27C322 eprom for IC22 MX26L6420MC-90 flash for the rest. I got mine off ali-express...
  14. invzim

    Latest toy - Microscope for SMD work

    Kicking myself for not getting one earlier - it's REALLY nice to clearly see how the joints actually look, especially for fine pitch stuff. Got this off aliexpress, but it's the same stuff that's sold under the brand name amscope. Technically it's 10x 20mm eyepieces (ocular), 0.7-4.5x zoom...
  15. invzim

    Afterburner Climax input oddness

    DId a little testing of the mini io at friends house yesterday as he has a fancy Lindbergh, and we could for some reason not get afterburner to work properly, the analog axis were all screwed up. It looked like the 2 analog bytes was swapped, so e.g 0x8023 reported to the game, got interpreted...
  16. invzim

    Mini USB JVS IO board?

    Playing with the idea of making something simple to fund the upscaler thingy, and also because some of the software parts would be shared. The idea is to make a JVS add-on board for the raspberry(zero), to turn it into a 'software defined' IO board. The only user inputs would be USB...
  17. invzim

    Audio attenuation (JVS2jamma upscaler thingy)

    So researching this a bit, and analog stuff is not my strong side. Took a look at what the namco, konami and riverservice jvs 2 jamma boards do when it comes to audio attenuation. Observations: The namco board obviously has some kind of error in mono mode. All have electrolytic capacitors...
  18. invzim

    Naomi SYNC levels

    Hi, my upscaler thingy aims to be as compatible with naomi setups as possible. Do anyone here have a scope and a Naomi handy, and can check if hsync/vsync is TTL/5V? Would do it myself, but away from my toys for a few more weeks.
  19. invzim

    JVS 2 jamma / over-engineered arcade thingy

    Something I've been toying with on/off for quite some time. The project got a lot more real as I got into Altium, this thing would be very very hard to do properly in Eagle.. Main goal is to have an available and good JVS2JAMMA converter that's better than the riverservice/namco/konami one -...