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  1. snakeGrave

    3D printed Blast City CP tang cover and HOT1507 replacement

    Two things here! One is a replacement for the locking bracket HOT1507. I had some cabs that were missing these and I wanted a way to hold the CP shut that was more effective and nicer looking than taping it shut. I also have had a hard time finding replacements of these for sale compared to...
  2. snakeGrave

    WTB: Survival Arts pcb

    Interested in picking this up if anybody has one they feel like parting with. Ebay has a couple for sale but I’d figure I’d scan here first. thanks for looking!
  3. snakeGrave

    3p and 4p breakout board for NBA Jam

    I put together a simple board that fits right onto an NBA jam pcb and sends the P3 and P4 controller inputs to DB15 connectors. I goofed and put the DB15 connectors too close together so I had to shave off some of the over-molding on my cables to get them both to fit. AFter shaving the cables...
  4. snakeGrave

    WTB: Astro City left speaker grill

    Hi there, does anyone happen to have a left speaker grill for sale? I tried Yaton but he only has the entire upper part available. \/ picture below is not mine!
  5. snakeGrave

    MS2930 comes into focus after ~5 minutes: new caps and flyback

    Hi All, My MS2930 was acting strangely -popping -picture not always appearing on start up So I recapped it and had similar results minus the popping. I decided to try a replacement flyback, same as here in my 2931...
  6. snakeGrave

    trash bag of DIP ICs NOS?? free + shipping

    Hey so a few years ago I grabbed up arm fulls of ICs that a university store room was dumping when they decided to . They seemed to be NOS and I didn't want to see them get thrown in the garbage. Years later I have no use for them still and I seriously doubt I ever will. I really don't want to...
  7. snakeGrave

    MS2931 screen randomly expands

    Hi all I've had this ms2931 inside of a Blast City for a few years and maybe a year back it began exhibiting some strange behavior. The screen would randomly expand almost like I would hit the demag button on it. I am pretty sure it is not the case as it occurs even with the degaussing coil is...
  8. snakeGrave

    X2 BSOD after splash

    Hi there I just acquired an X2. Here is a link to some images of the BSOD and replacement graphics card that are referenced in this post No HHD -7900 GS card -1 gig of ram -the case says it has a P4 cpu but I have not lifted up the heat sink yet to verify -looks to...
  9. snakeGrave

    Issues with spinner games

    Hi there I recently got the multi and the install went well but I am having some issues with games that from my understanding have the option to use the spinner controller. I have tried to run both arkanoid and puchi carat both with jumper j3 set for sensor, joystick, and left open. The switch...
  10. snakeGrave

    WTB Heavy Smash PCB Data East

    Anybody have one to sell?
  11. snakeGrave

    3D printed replacement cases for carts

    I saw a really nice solution to housing Fluffy's boards in another thread maybe we can start consolidating solutions here? I've included one solution I've been working on, it does require some lengthy prints. I used an ultimaker 3 that I have access to for making my parts. This case is printed...
  12. snakeGrave

    WTB: junk CPS3 MOBO

    looking for a junk CPS3 board that has the DL-2929 intact Thanks much
  13. snakeGrave

    CPS3 left on P2 side is constantly "on"

    Hi there, my cps3 just started acting funny. On the p2 side it is as if 'left' on the joystick is constantly being held. I have tried it on both a cabinet and on a supergun, I have also tested other jamma boards on both setups. I am fairly confident that the problem is stemming from the CPS3...
  14. snakeGrave

    Error 12 ?

    Hey there so I have a cps3 setup with a standard sh2 and a superbios. Yesterday it locked up when playing 3rd strike(a) usa. I am currently attempting to troubleshoot the thing -I tried running the japan version and it locked up after a minute or two, then at some point it also threw a ram...